Googles 16-Year Election Meddling Rampage as A Shocking Report is Revealed

Written by on March 20, 2024

Google’s 16-Year Election Meddling Rampage as A Shocking Report is Revealed

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist / Political Candidate

Google's 16 year election crime spree

Google’s 16 year election crime spree

Google’s 16-Year Election Meddling Rampage as A Shocking Report is Revealed

Google, the tech giant once hailed as a beacon of innovation, stands accused of a heinous crime against democracy – election interference to benefit Democrats. A damning report from the Media Research Center exposes a pattern of manipulation spanning 16 years and four election cycles, shedding light on Google’s relentless efforts to sway electoral outcomes in favor of liberal candidates.

The Devious Scheme Unveiled:

According to the report, Google’s campaign of election meddling commenced in 2008 and has persisted unabated into the current 2024 election cycle. The tech behemoth, wielding its unparalleled power, allegedly orchestrated a systematic campaign of censorship designed to bolster Democratic contenders while silencing their conservative adversaries.

Origins of Manipulation:

Google’s nefarious tactics first surfaced during the 2008 Democrat primary election, where it purportedly threw its weight behind Barack Obama by censoring pro-Hillary Clinton and anti-Obama websites. This early foray into election interference set a troubling precedent that would echo through subsequent electoral contests.

Undermining Trump:

The 2016 presidential election witnessed a brazen escalation of Google’s machinations, as the tech titan reportedly manipulated search results to shield Hillary Clinton from damaging allegations. By disabling autofill search results for incriminating topics and selectively targeting Latino voters, Google sought to tip the scales in favor of the Democratic nominee. Data scientist Robert Epstein estimates that Google’s efforts may have shifted millions of votes in Clinton’s favor, though ultimately, they proved futile in thwarting the electoral triumph of Donald Trump.

The Machiavellian Plot Thickens:

In the tumultuous 2020 election, Google’s interference allegedly reached new heights of audacity. Accusations abound of Google blocking GOP fundraising emails and selectively reminding only Democratic voters to cast their ballots. These insidious tactics, coupled with other forms of electoral manipulation, are estimated to have influenced millions of votes, undermining the integrity of the democratic process.

Midterm Mayhem:

Even in the midterm elections of 2022, Google’s meddling hand was evident, as it buried Republican candidate websites in search results for competitive Senate races. The deliberate suppression of conservative voices, with 83% of GOP candidate websites relegated to obscurity, underscores Google’s relentless commitment to advancing the leftist agenda.

Elon Musk, the maverick entrepreneur and outspoken critic of Big Tech, minced no words in condemning Google’s subversion of democracy. He decried the report’s findings as a gross understatement of the pervasive problem, alleging that Google’s bias in favor of Democrats permeates every facet of its operations.

Despite vociferous denials from Google, the mounting evidence of its partisan meddling casts a dark shadow over the sanctity of free and fair elections. As patriots and defenders of democracy, the onus falls upon us to hold Google accountable for its egregious transgressions and safeguard the integrity of our electoral process.

For what it’s worth: Google denies any allegations of bias. 🤪

[Source: Newsbusters]







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