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“I’ve never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”


-Joe Biden on the campaign trail in 2019


House Republicans announced the GOP will use its majority in the House to initiate an investigation into the Biden family’s overseas business with America’s enemies, alleging Joe was “directly” involved.


Setting the table: Since Republicans control the House of Representatives, they have the power to initiate investigations and subpoena records as well as testimony in order to conduct those investigations.


The details: Reps. James Comer and Jim Jordan held a press conference where they announced their investigation. According to Comer, whistleblowers asserted to them that Joe Biden directly oversaw the Biden family’s political-influence peddling empire.


“Was Joe Biden directly involved with Hunter Biden’s business deals, and is he compromised? That’s our investigation.”


The charges:

The Republicans allege they have evidence that the Biden’s committed the following crimes:


conspiracy to defraud the U.S.

wire fraud

violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act

money laundering

tax evasion


One especially scumbag-ish example that Comer cited was:


“One of these deals involves the sale of American natural gas to China. Evidence suggests Joe Biden [while Vice President] had a 10% equity stake through his son.”


“At a time when Americans are suffering from high energy prices because of this administration’s terrible energy policy, we find evidence that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden were involved in a scheme to try to get China to buy liquified natural gas.”


Rep. Comer concluded: “This is an investigation of Joe Biden. I think we’ve laid out the evidence as to why we feel it’s important, and we’re going to move forward with that.”


Rep. Jordan then asked the media: “What part of Mr. Comer’s presentation was Russian disinformation?


[Source: Fox News, Daily Caller]


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