Happy Valentines Everyone… Except Joe Biden as Love and Politics Clash in America

Written by on February 16, 2024

Happy Valentines Everyone…

Except Joe Biden as Love and Politics Clash in America

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Happy Valentines Everyone... Except Joe Biden as Love and Politics Clash in America

Happy Valentines Everyone… Except Joe Biden as Love and Politics Clash in America


Happy Valentines Everyone… Except Joe Biden as Love and Politics Clash in America

As we celebrate the day of love, a recent poll sheds light on what Americans desire most on Valentine’s Day. However, in the backdrop of romantic aspirations, the political landscape remains heated. From controversial foreign aid decisions to startling revelations about the Biden family, this Valentine’s Day brings a blend of emotions and political intrigue. Let’s dive into the headlines that shape this unique February 14th, where love and politics converge.

A poll asked what Americans would like most:

🍝 62% said dinner with someone special

🍫 13% said chocolates

🌹 9% said flowers

In Joe Biden’s America, prices are so high we have to choose just one. But if we elect Donald Trump in November, next year’s poll will probably have an “all of the above” option.

[Source: Rasmussen Reports]



The poll reveals that 62% of Americans yearn for a dinner with someone special, 13% crave chocolates, and 9% desire flowers. However, in Joe Biden’s America, soaring prices force difficult choices. The recent passage of a $95 billion foreign aid bill, with 22 Republicans joining Democrats, leaves taxpayers wondering if their hard-earned money is being utilized appropriately. The allocation of funds to countries like Ukraine, Israel, Gaza, and Taiwan sparks debates over national priorities, especially as the southern border crisis continues to escalate.

🏈 Super Bowl LVIII drew record-high 123.4 million viewers

🪪 81% of Americans support requiring government ID to vote

🎶 Michael Jackson’s music catalog valued at $1.2 billion

🆘 By 5-1 margin, voters say crime is getting worse, not better

[Sources: Reuters, Pew, Complex, Reuters]



#GoRight Headline News

The Political Landscape:

Amid the Valentine’s Day festivities, political controversies unfold. A former Biden family business partner claims that Joe Biden was the “brand” his family sold to gain wealth from foreign governments, raising questions about the ethical implications of such connections. Simultaneously, revelations about thousands of Chinese nationals crossing the southern border illicit concerns about national security and immigration policies.


🚨 A former Biden family business partner told House investigators that Joe Biden was the “brand” his family sold to get rich from foreign governments.



🇨🇳 20,000 Chinese nationals have crossed the southern border illegally since October, including 300 on Monday alone.



🤦‍♂️ Democrat Tom Suozzi won the special election in New York’s third congressional district to fill the vacant seat previously held by former GOP Rep. George Santos, who was expelled following a fraud indictment.


You can thank the House GOP for allowing a vote to remove Santos.


🇨🇳 China’s ship-making capabilities are far outpacing that of the U.S. and its Western allies.



❎ Catherine Herridge, one of the few good journalists in mainstream news, was among the 800 employees let go by CBS News/Paramount Global.



✅ “Squad” member Rep. Cori Bush is trailing 22 points behind a challenger in the Democratic primary for her congressional seat, a new poll suggests.



👩‍⚖️ The U.S. Marshals Service found that serious threats to federal judges and prosecutors spiked over 50% from last year.



🤡 Boston City Council member Julia Mejia says suburban residents need to step up and begin offering their homes as migrant shelters.



🚗 Thousands of Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash drivers are planning to strike on Valentine’s Day to demand higher pay and greater security.




#GoRight Viral Videos


🎥 Florida man arrested for doing burnouts on an LGBT flag mural painted on the street.




🎥 WTF! Children paraded through the streets of Spain in drag/lingerie. Where are the parents?




🎥 Canadian journalist gets completely OWNED by conservative leader.




🎥 Sen. Marco Rubio exposes how illegals get better benefits than social security recipients.




🎥 Complete moron, Democrat Barbara Lee, calls for a $50 minimum wage.




🎥 Tucker Carlson calls out conservatives eager to get the U.S. into another war.




🎥 Female police officer throws down!




🎥 Scumbag celebrates how easy it was for him to steal a house in Portland.




🎥 Uh oh! The NFL got caught fixing Alicia Keys’ voice flub.



As love takes center stage on this Valentine’s, the intertwining of romance and politics reveals a complex narrative. From foreign aid debates to immigration challenges, the choices made by elected officials impact the lives of Americans. The clash of love and politics serves as a reminder that, in the grand symphony of democracy, each decision resonates with the heartbeat of the nation. Whether dining with a loved one or scrutinizing political maneuvers, this Valentine’s Day holds a unique blend of sentiment and scrutiny.






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