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Joe Biden is the least accessible president in modern American history. Literally. The American Presidency Project tracks how often presidents interact with the press and by just about every measurable category, Biden is at the bottom.


Press interviews: Since taking office, Biden has done just 18 one on one interviews with the media. At the same point in their presidencies:
Trump had done 89
Obama had done 141
George W. Bush had done 44
Clinton had done 53
George Bush Sr. did 46
Reagan did 46

Days without a press conference: Biden holds the record for most days (64) without holding a single press conference. No one else is even close. George W. Bush was a distant second with 33 days.

Total press conferences: Biden has only held 6 solo press conferences since taking office. For comparison, FDR still managed to hold 59 press conferences per year, even during WWII.

And considering Biden almost exclusively calls on pre-determined reporters, and he usually already has the answers prepared… Can we even call them ‘press conferences’?

Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about Biden’s shy media schedule and she said:

“I’m going to be honest, his schedule has been quite packed. But he would like to do it.
We would like to get it on the schedule.”
Oh yeah… I bet Biden’s “quite packed” schedule looks like:

🕔 5 AM: Wake up to use the bathroom.
🕖 7 AM: Cartoons while Jill feeds him Lucky Charms
🕘 9 AM: Sleep through briefings
🕐 1 PM: Give 15-minute teleprompter speech
🕒 3 PM: Nap time
🕓 4 PM: Dinner time
🕔 5 PM: Bedtime

[Source: The Federalist, American Presidency Project]




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