Hunter Bidens Alleged Role in Chinas Quest for US Nuclear Tech

Written by on March 19, 2024

Hunter Biden’s Alleged Role in China’s Quest for U.S. Nuclear Tech

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Hunter tried to help China get cutting edge U.S. nuclear technology

Hunter tried to help China get cutting edge U.S. nuclear technology


Hunter Biden’s Alleged Role in China’s Quest for U.S. Nuclear Tech

As revelations continue to emerge, it appears that Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, allegedly ventured into murky waters in a bid to assist a Chinese energy giant in acquiring cutting-edge U.S. nuclear technology. The latest findings, uncovered through documents obtained by Congress, shed light on a concerning nexus between Biden’s family ties and potential geopolitical ramifications.

Diving into the Details:
During Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President, Hunter Biden and his associates purportedly sought to leverage their connections within the government to facilitate a deal between a Chinese energy behemoth, CEFC Energy, and Westinghouse, a leading player in the nuclear market. A strategy memo penned by Hunter’s partner, James Gilliar, outlined the ambition to combine Westinghouse’s technological prowess with CEFC’s economic clout to gain dominance in the global nuclear sector.

The Biden Brand:
Hunter Biden’s surname seemingly played a pivotal role in opening doors for the proposed venture. Testimony from one of his former business partners, Rob Walker, suggested that the Biden name carried significant weight and could serve as a catalyst for advancing business interests, underscoring the potential influence wielded by familial ties.

Timeline and Context:
These machinations unfolded in 2016, a pivotal period during Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President. Against the backdrop of evolving geopolitical dynamics, the attempted maneuverings raise questions about the ethical boundaries of leveraging political connections for personal gain.

Unraveling the Web:
The involvement of CEFC China, a company previously linked to financial transactions involving the Biden family, adds another layer of intrigue to the narrative. Hunter Biden’s purported role as a conduit for funds, as hinted at in leaked emails referencing a stake for the “big guy,” further complicates the picture, suggesting potential entanglements with foreign interests.

Falling Short:
Despite concerted efforts, the proposed deal ultimately faltered, and Hunter Biden’s endeavors to broker the transaction proved fruitless. However, the episode serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the blurred lines between personal ambition and geopolitical maneuvering.

Public Perception:
Amid mounting scrutiny, public opinion appears divided. A recent poll indicates that a mere 22% of likely voters believe in Joe Biden’s innocence regarding allegations of corruption, reflecting widespread skepticism surrounding the Biden family’s business dealings.

Parting Thoughts:
In the words of investigative journalist John Solomon, the revelations underscore a troubling reality: the apparent willingness to assist a geopolitical rival in acquiring sensitive nuclear technology. As the saga unfolds, it raises broader questions about the intersection of personal interests, political influence, and national security in an increasingly interconnected world.


[Source: Highland County Press, Just the News]








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