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Headline: Inflation ticked down slightly in July, but overall, consumer prices rose by 8.5%.


Back up: Inflation has now been at least 5% or higher for the last 14 straight months of Joe Biden’s residency.


The four previous months were:


June: 9.1%

May: 8.6%

April: 8.5%

March: 7.9%


Joe Biden thought this was an appropriate time to take a victory lap, saying: “Today, we received news that our economy had 0% inflation in the month of July. 0%”


…it doesn’t take a genius to realize that Joe Biden misleading the American public.


He’s using the obscure month-over-month inflation measurement rather than the traditional year-over-year measurement.


Here’s the truth: Inflation was at 1.4% when Joe Biden took office in January 2021. In June it peaked at 9.1%. Now that it’s ticked down slightly to 8.5%, the Biden regime wants you to applaud them for that.


By category:


Here are some of the ways prices rose in July compared to what they were one year ago:


🥩 Food: +10.9%

⛽️ Gasoline: +44%

🔋 Electricity: +15.2%

🏘 Home utility gas: +30.5%

🏠 Shelter: +5.7%

🏥 Medical services: +5.1%

🚗 New cars: +10.4%

🚙 Used cars: +6.6%

👗 Clothing: +5.1%


[Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics]

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