Israel Under Siege Unraveling the Terror Attacks

Written by on October 9, 2023

Israel Under Siege: Unraveling the Terror Attacks

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Israel Under Siege Unraveling the Terror Attacks

Israel Under Siege Unraveling the Terror Attacks

Israel Under Siege: Unraveling the Terror Attacks

Israel has plunged into a harrowing “state of war” as it grapples with the aftermath of a shocking assault by Hamas terrorists from Palestine. The devastating surprise attack, which unfolded on a fateful Saturday morning, has left hundreds dead, thousands wounded, and a nation grappling with the horror of rape and hostage-taking.



Understanding Hamas: At the heart of this crisis lies Hamas, an Iran-backed Islamic proxy that exerts control over the Gaza Strip region of Palestine. Originating in 1987 during the first Palestinian uprising, Hamas bears the U.S. classification as a terrorist organization.

The Unfolding Tragedy: The assault, launched by over 1,000 Hamas terrorists, struck Israel via land, sea, and air. Thousands of rockets rained down upon Israel, while Hamas forces breached the country’s southern border in pickup trucks, wresting control of multiple villages and border towns.

Tragedy struck further as a music festival near the Gaza Strip became a target, resulting in the deaths of hundreds, horrifying instances of rape, and the taking of hostages. Hamas militants resorted to door-to-door indiscriminate killings, leaving unarmed civilians in their wake. Online videos emerged, displaying gruesome scenes of a half-naked woman being paraded and subjected to further indignities.

The Grim Toll: The death toll has surpassed 700 Israelis, with expectations of this figure continuing to rise. Among the victims, 250 perished in the tragic music festival incident. Four Americans in Israel have lost their lives, and numerous others remain unaccounted for.

Israel’s Resolute Response: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, addressing his nation, declared war on Hamas, pledging retribution for this dark day. He warned Gaza residents to evacuate, as Israel vowed to launch an aggressive operation across all fronts. The Israel Defense Forces have relentlessly targeted over 500 Hamas sites in Gaza, resulting in an estimated death toll exceeding 400 Hamas militants.

The Overlooked Factor: The Wall Street Journal’s revelation about Iran’s involvement in planning the attack over the past six months, ultimately greenlighting it last week, raises unsettling questions. Critics, including Republicans, draw attention to President Joe Biden’s recent $6 billion payment to Iran in a prisoner swap. They argue that this monetary infusion knowingly empowered Iran, the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, to fund attacks abroad, as forewarned by former President Donald Trump.

The Disquieting Inquiry: Amid this chaos, perplexing questions linger. How did two of the world’s most renowned intelligence agencies, the CIA and Israel’s Mossad, miss a brewing six-month attack? Why did Israel’s border defenses falter on such a monumental scale? Speculations emerge, suggesting the possibility that intelligence agencies deliberately turned a blind eye to instigate a Middle East war that could embroil the U.S. in direct conflict with Iran.

Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s Perspective: Congressman Dan Crenshaw, often regarded as a gauge of hawkish Republican sentiments, raised concerns of a war that could be of unprecedented magnitude, exclaiming, “This looks like it will be the war to end all wars… They need to be defeated.”

Hope Amidst Trepidation: As we grapple with these unsettling scenarios, hope remains that Israel’s retaliation in Gaza will not escalate further. The fate of the region and the world hangs in the balance, teetering on the precipice of a perilous conflict. Only time will reveal the true trajectory of this unfolding crisis.

[Source: WSJ, Tablet, CNN]

🎥 The moment Israeli police rescue a family from Hamas terrorists.

Israeli Police Rescue A Family From Palestinian Terrorists

These last two videos are graphic. I share them not to be provocative, but to show you the brutality of the Hamas terrorists.

🎥 This is one example of the brutality of the attacks in Israel.

An Israeli woman is abducted by Hamas and taken hostage.

🎥 [WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC] Woman’s half-naked [presumably dead] body is paraded and spat on by Hamas terrorists.

Palestinians parading around the body of a young Israeli woman. Biden gave them 6 Billion Dollars


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