Joe Biden does Performative Art At The Border

Written by on January 9, 2023

Joe Biden does Performative Art At The Border

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Joe Biden does Performative Art At The Border


After two years in office and over 5 million illegal border crossings, Joe Biden finally acknowledged the border crisis, unveiling a small package of [mostly performative] initiatives intended to slow illegal immigration ahead of his first-ever trip to the southern border.


Since Joe Biden took office in 2021, more than 5.5 million immigrants have illegally crossed the southern border into the U.S.


In 2022, Border Patrol caught 98 known or suspected terrorists trying to cross the border.


In 2022, the DEA seized over 379 million deadly doses of fentanyl, most of which was trafficked across the border – enough to kill every single person in the United States.


Joe’s grand plan is to create more legal pathways for immigrants attempting to enter the U.S. while tightening immigration enforcement at the border.


Biden told asylum seekers from Haiti, Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua “do not just show up at the border.”


Instead, the U.S. will accept 30,000 immigrants from these countries per month if they have a U.S. sponsor.


At the same time, any immigrants from these four countries caught at the border will be expelled and become ineligible for asylum.


It’s all about the optics.


Biden doesn’t want the images of chaos on the southern border, so he’s bribing immigrants with a clear path to asylum – as long as they don’t show up at the border.


What else is Joe planning?


According to the fact sheet put out by the White House:


More asylum officers and immigration judges will be sent to the border to drive down wait times for those [outside of the four countries mentioned above] seeking a legal pathway into the U.S.


There will be added funding for border cities, non-border cities affected by immigrant arrivals, and non-governmental organizations involved in immigrant resettlement.


Push for amnesty:


In his speech, Biden blamed Republicans for the crisis at the border [lol], saying because they refuse to consider the “comprehensive immigration reform” package he proposed in 2021.


Biden’s immigration reform package includes a pathway to citizenship for all of the 11 million [the real number is probably closer to 20] people currently living in the U.S. illegally.


Joe Biden, Democrats, and a group of establishment Republicans want to sign a massive amnesty bill this year. So yes, Biden is acknowledging the border crisis… But only so he can push for his “fix.”


Biden visited the southern border in El Paso, Texas on before heading to Mexico for a meeting of the three North American presidents.


[Source: FAIR, DEA, White House]


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