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Two top Virginia public school officials were indicted after an 8-month investigation into their mishandling of violent rapes by a “gender-fluid” biological male on two teenage girls in 2021.

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A quick refresher on these preventable rapes that occurred in Louden County Public Schools between May and October of 2021:

In the first instance, the rapist was wearing a skirt and identifying as a female when he entered the girl’s bathroom and sodomized a ninth-grade girl at Stone Bridge High School, which allows students to use the bathroom that aligns with “their consistently asserted gender identity.”

In the second instance, he was transferred to Broad Run High School where he physically abducted a female student from the hallway, forcing her into an empty classroom, and nearly suffocating her as he sexually assaulted her.

National attention: These two rapes gained national attention when the father of the first victim spoke out at a school board meeting, where he was told there was no record of his daughter’s assault and the board had him forcibly removed by police.

This incident was a catalyst for making parental rights a top issue in Virginia’s 2021 state-wide elections, which led to Republican Glenn Youngkin becoming Governor.


In April 2022, new Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares called for a special grand jury to review how the LCPS handled these assaults.

Fast forward to the present day:

LCPS Superintendant Scott Ziegler was indicted by a special grand jury and charged with:

one count of false publication

one count of prohibited conduct

one count of penalizing an employee for a court appearance

Big picture: The first rape might have been prevented by not allowing boys in girls’ bathrooms.

The second rape certainly could have been prevented if the first crime wasn’t brushed under the rug, with the rapist simply being transferred to another school without informing parents.

The grand jury report reads:

“There were several decision points for senior LCPS administrators, up to and including the superintendent, to be transparent and step in and alter the sequence of events leading up to the October 6, 2021 BRHS sexual assault. They failed at every juncture…. [and the second assault] could have, and should have, been prevented.”

Finally. Accountability.

[Source: National Review]



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