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If we lived in sensible times, a clown-like Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would be panhandling on a corner, doing magic tricks. But because we live in a clown-world, we find ourselves in a reality where Trudeau is invoking Communist-style, tyrannical powers to threaten, shame, and economically starve working-class Canadians who are guilty of nothing other than expressing their right to free speech and protest.

What just went down: Justin “Blackface” Trudeau invoked never-before-used powers under Canada’s Emergencies Act, which gives him the authority to prohibit protest, restrict citizens’ right to travel, and freeze assets. Trudeau assumed these powers in response to Freedom Convoy truckers and protestors that have broken out across Canada in opposition to vaccine mandates.

He’s also restricting crowdsource funding for the truckers by reclassifying it under “anti-money laundering and terror-financing rules”

Opposition to Trudeau’s power-grab: Several major players inside Canada have publicly opposed this move by Trudeau:
Several Canadian premiers [the heads of the 10 provinces in Canada], including Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Quebec Premier Francois Legault.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association opposed Trudeau, saying: “The federal government has not met the threshold necessary to invoke the Emergencies Act.”

What happens next remains to be seen. But in Trudeau’s own words: “the police will be given more tools” to remove truckers in “Ottowa, the Ambassador Bridge, and elsewhere.”

The tools include:

Authority to “impose fines or imprisonment”

Allowing the government to “make sure essential services are rendered, for example, in order to tow vehicles.” [This sounds like he will force compliance from the tow companies who had previously refused to tow truckers]
“Financial institutions [banks] will be authorized or directed” to cut off financing for the truckers

What now? I saw this recommendation on Twitter from former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright:

“Time for a tactical retreat and refocus if you’re a Canadian trucker. Leave the bridges. Go on strike. Crowdsource your income. Nothing illegal about that. If just 10% of Canadian truckers are off the road, the economy tanks — and Trudeau can eat it.”

[Source: Washington Examiner, The Right Scoop, Waking Up Right]

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