Kevin McCarthy 1… 2… 3 strikes

Written by on January 4, 2023

Kevin McCarthy 1… 2… 3 strikes

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Kevin McCarthy 1… 2… 3 strikes


The House of Representatives went home without electing a new Speaker after three rounds of voting where no single nominee won a majority of votes.


The loser of the day was Kevin McCarthy, who was previously the GOP’s House Minority Leader and has been angling for the role of Speaker.


The winner of the day was the once small and silent coalition, which grew to 20 members, that oppose McCarthy.


In order to become the Speaker, one candidate needs 218 votes. Republicans have a 222-seat majority, so McCarthy can only afford to lose 4 votes.


The first two votes of the day resulted in 19 Republicans voting against McCarthy, leaving him 15 votes shy.


In the final vote, 20 Republicans voted against him, all throwing their support behind Rep. Jim Jordan, who by all indications does not want the role and voted for McCarthy.


Here’s the full list of defectors:


Biggs, Bishop, Boebert, Brecheen, Cloud, Clyde, Crane, Gaetz, Good, Gosar, Harris, Paulina Luna, Miller, Norman, Ogles, Perry, Rosendale, Roy, Self, and Donalds.


Historical moment: This was the first time in roughly 100 years that a Speaker was not nominated on the first vote.


Trump losing faith in McCarthy?


Former President Trump had previously endorsed Kevin McCarthy, but in an interview with MSNBC reporter Garrett Haake, Trump “declined to say if he was sticking by his endorsement”.

The voting will continue until they finally pick a speaker.


Former President Trump broke his silence on the ongoing speaker election in the House. After three attempted votes the House was called to a close without a Speaker.

Kevin McCarthy, the House Republican Leader from California, has remained the top Republican choice for the Speakership though he has faced some opposition as a few Republicans believe he isn’t the right candidate.

In the first vote, McCarthy received 203 votes, followed by 203 in the second vote, and 202 in the third vote. Not leaving much hope for the next days meeting.

In a Truth Social post, Trump broke his silence and discussed the Republican leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, California. Trump mentioned how he would be the best choice – giving McCarthy his continued support. He mentioned that this would be an embarrassing defeat as Democrats remained united in giving all of their votes to Rep.

Meanwhile, Hakeem Jefferies, D-NY., in each of the three voting cycles. Though many Republicans in the House still seem to oppose McCarthy for the position.

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