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“Show trial” is defined in the Cambridge dictionary as:

A trial is organized by a government in order to have an effect on public opinion and reduce political opposition, and not in order to find the truth.

Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 Committee will hold its first public hearing [more than 500 days after the capitol riot] in an attempt to make the case that former President Trump incited the events that took place.

Critics are rightfully pointing out the odd nature of this televised hearing…

Back up: Every member of this committee was hand-selected by Nancy Pelosi, including the two “Republicans.” She rejected official GOP nominees.

How it’s going down: Typically Congressional hearings take place during the day, and both political parties are allowed to participate.

Here is how the hearing is taking place:

It airs at 8 PM in primetime to try and get Americans to watch.

Networks will break from their programming to air it: CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC [Fox News is not]

The accused [Trump] will have no representation in this “hearing”

The Republican nominees to the committee were vetoed by Nancy Pelosi

A Hollywood news producer was hired by Democrats to script and coordinate their presentation to try and make it engaging for the public.

Hiring a Hollywood producer says it all. Former ABC news producer, James Goldston specializes in documentary storytelling and plans to produce this event as a made-for-tv investigative special.

The “hearing” will feature scripted testimony from Democrats and pre-recording video clips made up of:

selectively edited video clips from the day
selectively edited surveillance footage
selectively edited video interviews conducted by the J6 committee

Do Americans care about J6?

A recent ABC News poll asked voters for their top what the single most important issue was to them in the midterm elections.

The top 10 answers were [in order of importance]:

Inflation, economy, gun violence, abortion, gas prices, immigration, climate, crime, covid, Ukraine
Notice what didn’t make the list? January 6. Americans on the right and left literally don’t care.

So as you watch what I’m sure will be a very dramatic presentation…

Remember that it’s nothing more than a show trial:
A highly produced, Hollywood dramatization for the purpose of affecting public opinion, not finding the truth.

[Source: Mark Levin show, Axios]

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