Newsome Defeats Recall Election. Country Wide Consequences

Written by on September 16, 2021

Newsome Defeats Recall Election. Country Wide Consequences

By Ryan-Unmuzzled – Veteran Citizen Journalist

September 15, 2021, |american society, California Recall, civic duty, patriotism, republican, vote
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It appears that Gavin Newsome will remain the Governor in California per the recall vote that was conducted last night. In a deeply Democrat state was there any chance of a Republican victory? There are strong Republican counties in California, such as Orange County, Mariposa, and others. Furthermore, reports of registered voters having “already voted” was a rampant nuisance for many voters last night.

Unfortunately, voter fraud is as old as the institution. It is unfathomable how such a simple process of voting gets so convoluted. For simplicity’s sake, let’s remember back to kindergarten when the teacher told you to put your head down and he or she would call off the choices? Then students had to raise their hands and after the teacher counted and the decision was made. Honestly, if children can get it right why can’t adults? (Although there is that one child who peeks, once again proving my point that there is always something fishy that goes on). Therefore nations make laws to prevent such a simple concept from being corrupted. According to John R. Lott Jr of The Daily Signal, of 47 nations surveyed, the United Kingdom requires an ID to vote. Furthermore, he writes about how despite the lack of voter ID in the UK some of the local elections and northern Ireland require an ID to vote.

The ultimate point that must be made and cemented in every Conservative’s mind is that regardless of the outcome you must go vote. American’s have the luxury of living in an entirely voluntary society in regards to civic duty. Americans are not required to military service (with exception of the Draft). Civil services such as the police and fire services are voluntary today. They used to be involuntary. Running for public office has requirements that must be met, but otherwise, it too is voluntary. I suspect that the Founding Fathers, in their naiveté, assumed that future generations of Americans would value freedom and civil liberties with their same tenacity. Whereas Benjamin Franklin said the government should “Be a republic if you can keep it.”

The truth is that America became a Ponzi scheme of doormats for politicians on which to wipe their feet and get rich. The fruit of this poisonous tree is that ‘we the people allowed it to happen. If these observations make the reader uncomfortable, they should and I make no apologies. JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” Kennedy’s call to civil service should ring in the ears of every American throughout the ages. It certainly did for the Democrats. For the most part, they are a united party with strong cohesion. They have control of many public institutions and have the support of the media. They have the vote of the minority groups, despite the Democratic party’s historical connections to racist policy, the KKK, and past and present racial segregation in the deep south. Regardless of their hypocrisies, they have been able to make the masses overlook those transgressions.

Republicans and Conservatives have been able to help build the party after President Trump. The Left has a history of being extreme and so minority groups such as Homosexuals, African Americans, and Latinos have changed their vote from Democrat to Republican.  Donald Trump can’t be expected to do all the work and long-time Republicans and Conservatives can’t be expected to ride his coattails forever. It is painfully obvious that many Republicans don’t trust the voting system, so they resolve to stay home and don’t vote. I attribute some of Newsome’s win to that mentality. On that alone the Democrats wouldn’t have had to cheat, they would simply have to sow the doubt and let it grow. Another contributing factor is that the Republicans that were there have moved to other states. Recall that the New York Times reported that California is currently losing congressional representation as a result of the 2020 Census.

This plea is made to Conservatives and Republicans especially, but to any American. Take the time to make the civic duty a part of your life and how you enjoy your freedoms. Get educated on what programs you can volunteer for in your community. Try your best to have conversations with your neighbors and if you can persuade them, great, if not move on. However, sharing ideas is the cornerstone of our society. If something as simple as a conversation can’t be achieved then American society is dead anyway. Read everything you can and build a wealth of knowledge that you can use as an arsenal. Join and organize nonviolent and lawful protests in your community! Boycott businesses and use alternative venues as best as you can; encourage others to do the same. The theme is community and cohesion is the glue that our coalition lacks. There is no more time to worry about if people are gay, black, orange, non-Christian, etc. Does the person adhere to long-time conservative values and acts upon them? If so, they should join our movement and be welcomed. You must vote in every election, local, state, and federal. Our system is set up so you can have a voice, use it. Make a concerted effort to go to your local city/town hall and school board meetings and bring your friends. They may have an opinion as well. Everything that I have described is at the community level and that’s where change starts. Look to the Selma, Alabama marches in 1965. The marches ended bloody and were horrific to behold, but ultimately shocked the nation enough to pass voting legislation by Congress to be signed by President Johnson.

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