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The Biden regime’s Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg warned that “there are going to be challenges” with air travel over the upcoming July 4 weekend.

Back up:

This warning comes after at least 32,000 flights were delayed and more than 5,000 canceled during the ‘Juneteenth’ weekend between June 23 – 27.

Back up further:

United Airlines recently announced it would cut 12% of its schedule in an effort to reduce delays.

American Airlines recently announced it would stop flying to four small cities due to a pilot shortage.

What’s going on?

More than 50% of all pilots either sought early retirement or were laid off during the pandemic. The federal government’s vaccine mandates resulted in 1,000’s of pilots choosing early retirement because they refused to get vaccinated.

As we stand today, flight cancellations are more than 2x more than what they were before the pandemic.

If the Biden regime really wanted to fix this problem, they know what to do. But until then…

All they’ll offer are admissions of “challenges” from lil’ Pete Buttigieg.

[Source: Breitbart, Daily Wire]

🏛 50% of voters approve of the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling, 45% disapprove

📈 The national average rent price is over $2,000 for the first time ever

✅ Trump-endorsed candidates went 12-0 in last night’s CO, NY, and IL primaries

Sources: Rasmussen, NPR, Breitbart

🔒 A federal judge sentenced Ghislaine Maxwell to 20 years in prison for sex trafficking and other charges in connection with her recruiting and grooming minors for the pleasure of then-boyfriend financier Jeffrey Epstein. [Just the News]


🔫 Gun owners with a Concealed Carry Weapon permit in California had their information — including names, addresses, and race — exposed on Monday after Attorney General Rob Bonta launched a 2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal. [Daily Wire for more]


💬 Third-generation Hollywood star Dakota Johnson labeled cancel culture “horrifying” and said you can’t cancel “a human being” like they’re “an appointment.” [Daily Wire]


🗺 In a win for Republicans, the Supreme Court revived Louisiana’s congressional map Tuesday by granting a stay on lower court injunctions that claimed the map was racially biased. [Washington Examiner]


💾 Amid a global semiconductor chip shortage, the world’s third-largest maker of semiconductors, Taiwan’s GlobalWafers, announced plans to build a $5 billion factory in the U.S. – but it’s being held up by Congress, which passed a $52 billion semiconductor investment bill in January 2021, but still has yet to formally release the funds. [via Fortune]


🥴 A federal appeals court has upheld a California state law requiring property owners who legally evict tenants to pay one month of the tenant’s rent in order to reduce the cost of relocation. [KCRA3]


🛸 Rovers exploring Mars may have to dig about 6.6 feet or more under the surface of the Red Planet to find signs of ancient life, according to a new laboratory experiment by the US space agency that determined that radiation would degrade any signs of life on the surface. [Weather Channel]


✅ Two of Congress’ staunchest conservatives, Lauren Boebert (CO) and Mary Miller (IL), repelled more centrist alternatives to lock up Republican nominations. [NY Post

🎥 AOC wants the federal government to open abortion clinics on federal land in Republican states. Biden is considering this.


🎥 At least 12 people are dead and 260 people are injured after a massive boat explosion and toxic gas leak occurred at a Jordanian port.


🎥 A viral video shows the moment a Russian missile hit a Ukrainian shopping mall earlier this week.

🎥 Rep. Lauren Boebert was FIRED UP after blowing out her moderate RINO challenger in Colorado during last night’s primary election.

🎥 Biden’s brain malfunctioned again during the G7 summit. He doesn’t know whether to sit or stand awkwardly.

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