Abortion is now Illegal in The United States

Written by on July 1, 2022

Abortion is now Illegal in The United States

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Democrats hoping that the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade would somehow make voters forget about surging inflation and record-high gas just got a reality check:

According to recent polls by YouGov that measure generic GOP vs. Dem trends, Republicans actually gained support after the Roe decision:

June 21 poll [before decision]: R: 45%, D: 41%

June 27 poll [after decision]: R: 45%, D: 40%

🏛️ Justice Stephen Breyer will step down today, and Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will be sworn in

📉 85% of Americans say Biden has US headed in wrong direction

😢 2021 was the most unhappy year on record, according to a Gallup poll that began in 2007

Sources: CNN, AP, Gallup


🚀 Joe Biden has announced that the US will increase its military forces across Europe with more land, sea, and air deployments. [The Guardian]


🏛️ The Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled 5-4 that Oklahoma can prosecute non-Native-Americans in Indian country, clawing back part of its 2020 decision recognizing nearly half of the state as a reservation. [WSJ]


🔎 A top U.S. Federal Communications Commission official called on Apple and Google to remove TikTok from their app stores. Earlier this month, an audio recording revealed employees at the Chinese-based company behind TikTok admitting they “repeatedly accessed nonpublic data” from American users. [Daily Wire]


✝️ U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Pope Francis and received Communion yesterday in St. Peter’s Basilica, despite her position in support of abortion rights. [Politico]


✅ R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison after being convicted of 9 charges, including sex crimes and human trafficking. [Daily Caller]


✝️ The FBI has opened a widening investigation into sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Church in New Orleans going back decades, a rare federal foray into such cases looking specifically at whether priests took children across state lines to molest them. [AP]


🤡 The creator of the mega-popular show “Friends” is embarrassed about the lack of diversity on the show and she’s putting out a $4 million donation to make amends for her demographic sins. [The Blaze] LOL…


📚 Arizona lawmakers passed a groundbreaking bill last week allowing the State’s 1.1 million students — from kindergarten to high school graduation — $6,500 in tuition annually per child for private or home schools or learning pods. [Daily Wire]


💊 After testing positive for COVID-19 earlier this month, Dr. Anthony Fauci took Paxlovid, Pfizer’s antiviral. Four days after testing negative, Fauci is positive again – a common experience for people who have taken for people who have taken Pfizer’s antiviral treatment. [via ABC News]


🎥 Stephen Colbert asked AOC if she plans to run for President in 2024


NOT A Skit: Colbert Begs AOC To Run For President





🎥 Watch how little Jamie Raskin pretends to lose signal when an MSNBC reporter presses him about his star witness lying during her January 6 testimony.


Rep. Raskin appears to lose signal on MSNBC when asked about inconsistencies in Hutchinson’s testimony at the J6 Show Trial


MSNBC: You’ve talked to the Secret Service agents in this story, Mr Ornato and Mr. Engel. Did that incident happen in the car?


Jamie Raskin: *disappears*



📰 If you’d like to read more about Woody, the hero Medal of Honor recipient, this is an article about his heroism.




🎥 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott blames Joe Biden for the death of 53 illegal immigrants found dead inside a truck smuggling them into the country.


Gov Abbott Urges Biden: Stop Loss Of Lives By Closing The Border


Gov Greg Abbott: “And because of the way that the Biden Administration is not enforcing the immigration laws, it’s attracting people and enticing people to make this very dangerous trek, causing them to lose their lives. I urge the President, stop the loss of lives.”





🎥 Joe Biden’s climate advisor says the quiet part out loud: They’re using the pain they created with high gas prices to push for green energy.


Biden climate adviser lets it slip, BRAGS about their real plan, It’s all intentional. All of it.





🎥 Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene SCHOOLED the biased left-wing media to their face.


MTG Gives a Masterclass in Schooling the Media


Marjorie Taylor Greene has some questions for the Jan 6 committee that the media would ask if they were competent.







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