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Sometime this summer, we will likely end up in a government shutdown as the United States reaches our debt ceiling limit, which currently sits at $31.4 trillion dollars.


When we reach that ceiling, there are two options:


raise the debt ceiling

government shut down


Republicans in the House have a simple position: We will agree to raise the debt ceiling as long as it’s paired with responsible cuts to government spending so our national debt doesn’t continue to spiral out of control.


Democrats have a different position: No negotiations. Raise the debt ceiling without spending cuts or we’ll let the government shut down and blame it on Republicans.


It’s that simple.

Republicans have laid out their proposal. The House passed a bill that raises the debt ceiling but also cuts spending over the next 10 years. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said the Republicans’ bill would reduce the deficit by $4.8 trillion over ten years.


Meanwhile, Joe Biden has refused to sit down and negotiate with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and has pledged to veto the bill if it reaches his desk, which it won’t since the Democrats control the Senate.


So a government shutdown is inevitable. And that’s ok.


The government has shut down three times over the last decade, twice under Trump and once under Obama. The most recent, between December 2018 and January 2019 was over border wall funding.


But you can expect fear-mongering from Democrats and their media allies who will say a shutdown:


* puts hundreds of thousands of federal workers out of a job. The reality is, if any of them miss a paycheck, they are going to receive back pay once the shutdown is over.


* risks “the full faith and credit of the United States” if we default on our debts. The truth is, the United States takes in between $350-400 billion in taxes per month and can prioritize payments to service those debts.


*will result in senior citizens and Medicaid recipients losing their benefits. The truth is, as with the last point, the U.S. can prioritize payments to make sure these benefits are paid out.


If Republicans want to win on this issue, they need to take it directly and loudly to the American people. Use the way Democrats talk about ‘climate change’ as the model.


We need to adopt that same level of histrionics because the truth is that our rising debt is truly an existential crisis for every American alive today.


On the path Joe Biden has us on, our debt is estimated to balloon to over $51 trillion dollars by 2033. If that happens, we’ll be spending more of our annual budget on making interest payments than we do on our national defense. If we reach that point, we will experience hyperinflation and another Great Depression, if not worse.


Kevin McCarthy and Republicans are raising the right issue. The key will be convincing Americans of its righteousness.


[Source: Breitbart, Mark Levin radio show]

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