Seriously Mexico Can Have Taylor Swift

Written by on February 9, 2024

Seriously Mexico Can Have Taylor Swift

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist / Political Candidate

Seriously Mexico Can Have Taylor Swift

Seriously Mexico Can Have Taylor Swift


Dynamic News Roundup: From Political Developments to Viral Videos


The latest news cycle offers a diverse array of developments, ranging from political maneuvers to societal trends and unexpected viral moments. From Donald Trump’s continued political resurgence to gripping courtroom battles and poignant cultural revelations, the nation witnesses a spectrum of events that shape perspectives and ignite debates across various platforms.


#GoRight Headline News

Political Frontiers:


Trump’s Triumph in Nevada:

✅ Donald Trump won all 26 delegates in the Nevada caucuses last night, his fourth major win in his efforts toward obtaining the GOP nomination.


Senate Advances Foreign Aid Bill:

👎 The U.S. Senate voted 67-32 in favor of advancing a $95.3 billion foreign aid bill that includes funding for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and Gaza that does not include border security. The bill will be voted on soon.


FCC’s Robocall Regulations:

☎️ The FCC has outlawed robocalls that contain voices generated by artificial intelligence.


Legal Showdown in Hawaii:

🔫 The Hawaii Supreme Court ruled against residents’ gun rights, citing interference with the “Spirit of Aloha,” challenging the Constitution and Second Amendment interpretations.


PETA’s Carnival Campaign:

🎠 PETA is calling on carnivals to eliminate animal-themed rides like the carousel because it “celebrates” their “exploitation.”


Congressional Accountability Proposal:

👏 Florida Rep. Anna Paulina Luna is proposing a bill that would require members of Congress to fight on the front lines of a war zone if they advocate for sending $60 billion to Ukraine.,sons%20%26%20daughters%20to%20fight.%E2%80%9D


National Incidents and Legal Battles:


Aerial Collision at Boston Airport:

✈️ Two JetBlue planes collided on the tarmac at Boston Logan International Airport.


Leadership Shift in Ukraine:

🇺🇦Zelensky removed his top general in the most significant shake-up of the country’s leadership since the full-scale Russian invasion began nearly two years ago.


Judicial Decision on Peter Navarro:

🤡 An Obama-appointed judge has denied Peter Navarro, an ex-Trump advisor’s bid to remain out of prison while he appeals his contempt of Congress conviction for refusing to cooperate with the fraudulent J6 Committee.


Educational Policy Revisions:

📃 Dartmouth College announced that it is reversing course on its testing policy by reinstating its use of standardized testing in its admissions process.


Global Affairs and Legal Struggles:

📃 Dartmouth College announced that it is reversing course on its testing policy by reinstating its use of standardized testing in its admissions process.


Brazil’s Legal Confrontation:

🇧🇷 Brazil’s top court ordered former President Jair Bolsonaro to hand over his passport – effectively trapping him in the country – as part of a broad probe into an alleged “coup” plot following Bolsonaro’s defeat in the 2022 presidential election. Brazil is doing to him what Joe Biden is having his DOJ do to Trump.



#GoRight Viral Videos: Viral Videos and Social Commentary:


Biden’s Press Conference Fumble:

President Biden faces tough questions in a press conference, highlighting moments of confusion and scrutiny over political decisions.

🎥 Biden crumbles as the press finally decides to do their job and ask him tough questions.


🎥 Man tries to abduct a 5-year-old in broad daylight. Hero steps in.


🎥 Whoops. Dem Senator Chris Murphy admits his party cares more about illegals than Americans.



🎥 One of the hags on The View is stunned to learn she is the descendant of slave traders.


🎥 “Crunched over old b***h, dumb*ss.” Chicago’s black community rip Joe Biden. Watch. [Warning: Language]



🎥 Tucker asks Putin who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline.



🎥 Justice Gorsuch DEMOLISHES the lawyer trying to take Trump off the ballot.



🎥 This powerful TV scene from 1967 still rings true today.



🎥 This Illinois mayor plays the race card after being caught spending taxpayer money on lavish trips and dinners.



🎥 New Jersey Democrat arrested for mail-in-ballot scheme.


🎥 Excellent documentary exposes the stabbings, drugs, and deaths in New York’s illegal alien compounds.


The dynamic news landscape of today reflects a tapestry of political, social, and global events that captivate audiences and shape the discourse of our times. From political triumphs and legal battles to societal shifts and cultural revelations, each headline and viral moment offers a glimpse into the multifaceted tapestry of contemporary life. As the nation navigates through these developments, it underscores the importance of critical engagement, informed debate, and proactive participation in shaping the course of our collective future. With each news cycle, new narratives emerge, and it is within the dialogue and exchange of ideas that the true essence of democracy thrives. As we delve deeper into these stories, let us remain vigilant, discerning, and empathetic, recognizing the complexities that define our world and the potential for positive change that lies within our grasp.






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