Special Counsel Appointed to Investigate Hunter Bidens Alleged Wrongdoings

Written by on August 18, 2023

Special Counsel Appointed to Investigate Hunter Biden’s Alleged Wrongdoings

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Special Counsel Appointed to Investigate Hunter Biden's Alleged Wrongdoings

Special Counsel Appointed to Investigate Hunter Biden’s Alleged Wrongdoings


Special Counsel Appointed to Investigate Hunter Biden’s Alleged Wrongdoings

Attorney General Merrick Garland has announced the appointment of a special counsel to expand the investigation into potential legal violations involving Hunter Biden. However, concerns have been raised across the political spectrum about the credibility of this appointment.

David Weiss, the U.S. Attorney for Delaware, has been chosen by Garland to serve as the special counsel for this matter. Garland emphasized that Weiss possesses the necessary authority to conduct a thorough and independent investigation, allowing him to take appropriate actions as required.

Hunter Biden is facing scrutiny for a range of alleged offenses, including tax evasion, violations of foreign agent regulations, money laundering, human trafficking, and firearm-related charges.

An issue that has sparked debate is the fact that Weiss has been investigating Hunter Biden since 2019. Moreover, an earlier attempt to strike a lenient plea deal with Hunter during the summer faced strong public backlash. This controversy was further exacerbated when IRS whistleblowers came forward to Congress, alleging interference from the Biden administration in Weiss’ investigation. These claims revolve around allegations that the administration hindered the pursuit of foreign funds linked to Hunter and the Biden family.

Former President Trump’s campaign issued a statement expressing dissatisfaction with Weiss, pointing out that the U.S. Attorney had not brought forth substantial charges despite a lengthy investigation.

A noteworthy development is that Special Counsel Weiss has decided to shift the case to the central district of California. Constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz suggests that this relocation could indicate a significant discovery in the case, potentially a breakthrough that led to this change.

The appointment of a special counsel in this context has triggered discussions about its purpose, with some perceiving it as an attempt to rectify the fallout from the earlier unsuccessful plea negotiation with Hunter Biden. The hope, as expressed by Dershowitz, is that new insights or evidence have prompted this redirection and the intensified inquiry.

As this investigation unfolds, stakeholders from various perspectives remain watchful, awaiting further developments in the case.

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