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“We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition and many on ventilators.”

This is an actual quote from Justice Sonia Sotomayor, which she rattled off during a Supreme Court hearing that will decide whether or not the Biden regime will be allowed to force all private businesses with over 100 employees to mandate their employees get a covid vaccine.

Lie 1: And as you probably already know… This quote is 100% false. According to Health and Human Services data:

Roughly 5,000 children are currently hospitalized with covid. And this includes kids in observation beds, which is not for “serious condition” patients.

More so, Dr. Fauci admitted last week that we don’t know if those children are hospitalized due to covid or if they came in for something else and happened to test positive for covid.

But even if you take the 5,000 number on its face, Sotomayor’s number is still 20x higher than the real number.

The Washington Post, which is one of the biggest left-wing propaganda newspapers, even fact-checked her and gave her 4 Pinocchios for the lie.

Lie 2: Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only lie she told. She also claimed that Omicron is “just as deadly” as the Delta variant for the unvaccinated.

The truth is, according to studies done in South Africa and Denmark, that people who get Omicron are 80% less likely to wind up in the hospital than if they got Delta.

Even Dr. Fauci admitted last week that “multiple sources of now-preliminary data indicate a decreased severity with Omicron.”

It’s scary to think that someone who is so incredibly misinformed is given the power to decide in this case… or any case. The Supreme Court is expected to give its ruling in the next couple of days.

Silver lining: During this same hearing, it seemed like the conservative majority seemed to take the position that the Biden regime had overstepped its authority. But we won’t count our ducks before they’ve hatched.

[Source: Washington Post, Daily Wire]

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