Taking Back Our Pride A Rebuttal to Charles Morans National Log Cabin Republicans

Written by on July 2, 2024

Taking Back Our Pride: A Rebuttal to Charles Moran’s National Log Cabin Republicans

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Taking Back Our Pride: A Rebuttal to Charles Moran’s National Log Cabin Republicans

Take Back Pride

Take Back Pride


In response to

Charles Moran’s column on Townhall

regarding the rejection of the Pride flag by many conservative gays, it’s essential to acknowledge both the misuse of the flag and the necessity of reclaiming it. Yes, the Pride flag has been appropriated and misused by some, but abandoning it is not the solution. Instead, we should fight even harder to ensure it is properly represented.


Historically, many Republicans have abandoned symbols and causes to the left, only to later complain about the consequences without taking meaningful action. It’s time for a change. If we want to reclaim our pride, we must actively work to take it back rather than run from it. The flag is a symbol of our identity and struggles, and it should not be surrendered due to its misuse by others.


Charles Moran needs to realize as leader of the national Log Cabin Republicans, it’s crucial to recognize the shortcomings within our own community. The National Log Cabin Republicans have often focused on high-profile, expensive events while neglecting the grassroots efforts of many right-wing gay individuals. Gatekeeping has isolated those working hard against the very issues the Log Cabin Republicans criticize. I, Peter Boykin, have experienced this firsthand, running for office in North Carolina three times, including a bid for Lieutenant Governor, without any support from the Log Cabin Republicans. My group, Gays for Trump, has been ignored in favor of others like Gays Against Groomers, which, despite starting with good intentions, has devolved into an organization that spreads harmful rhetoric against the LGBTQ community.


The true spirit of Pride Month lies in celebrating our identity, history, and achievements. Abandoning our flag because some have misused it undermines the very principles of pride and resilience that the LGBTQ community stands for. Instead of allowing the flag to be co-opted, we should reclaim it with renewed vigor, ensuring that it represents the authentic values and experiences of our community.


We cannot allow our voices to be sidelined or our symbols to be co-opted. The real grassroots efforts, like those of Gays for Trump, are left to clean up the messes made by inadequate representation and misdirected stances. Organizations like the National Log Cabin Republicans, which have been around since 1977, need to step up and fight to #TakeBackPride. Complaining about the misuse of our flag while failing to actively reclaim it only perpetuates the problem.


I am proud of our flag and what it represents. It is a symbol of our history, struggles, and achievements. It’s time to stand firm against both leftist appropriation and right-wing gatekeeping. Many of us do not reject the flag and are tired of the divisive tactics from both sides. It’s time for a unified effort to reclaim our pride and ensure that our symbols and voices are represented authentically and powerfully.


Moreover, the Log Cabin Republicans must reevaluate their strategies and priorities. Expensive tea parties and elite gatherings do little to advance the real issues facing the right-wing gay community. It’s the grassroots activists, those working tirelessly in their local communities, who drive genuine change. By ignoring these efforts, the Log Cabin Republicans are missing an opportunity to harness the full potential of the conservative gay movement.


The partnership with groups like Gays Against Groomers, while initially promising, has proven to be problematic. Their shift towards a more extreme stance, labeling all transgender individuals and drag queens as threats, not only alienates a significant portion of the LGBTQ community but also fuels unnecessary fear and hatred. This approach contradicts the inclusive and accepting nature that the Pride flag symbolizes.


Instead of aligning with groups that spread division, the Log Cabin Republicans should focus on supporting organizations that promote unity and understanding. The Pride flag is a powerful symbol of our collective struggle for equality and acceptance. By reclaiming it, we reaffirm our commitment to these values and reject the narratives of fear and exclusion.


The battle for the true representation of the Pride flag is not just about symbolism; it’s about the future of our community. It’s about ensuring that the principles of liberty, equality, and justice for all are upheld. By taking back our pride, we send a clear message that the conservative gay community will not be marginalized or misrepresented.


In conclusion, the Pride flag is a testament to our journey, our resilience, and our achievements. It is not a symbol to be discarded because of its misuse. Instead, we should fight to reclaim it, to ensure that it continues to represent the true spirit of our community. The National Log Cabin Republicans, and indeed all conservative gay organizations, must rise to the challenge, supporting grassroots efforts and fostering unity. It’s time to take back our pride and stand firm against both leftist appropriation and right-wing gatekeeping. Let’s ensure that our voices are heard, our symbols respected, and our community united in the fight for true equality and acceptance.


Leaving one more note as this has appeared on the front page of GaysForTrump.org for many years now:

We refuse to let the radicals in the

LGBT define the whole Gay Community

Join Us

To Those Gays in the LGB and T(S) allies who don’t want to associate themselves at all with the “LGBT” community because you say the left has taken it over, We ask you a question and We issue you a challenge.

First off are you really willing to abandon our LGBT community so quickly?! If so then would you abandon your house, city, precinct, county, district, state, region, and America to the left? Just because they misrepresent us? Do you feel resigned to removing yourself from what you are while the left destroys everything that everyone has worked hard for?

We don’t think so.

It’s our community as well.

Don’t be willing to hand it over so easily.

Now We challenge you:

Don’t you think it’s time we take back what is rightfully ours? It’s our community we should not just let them take it. In fact, damn them, We won’t let them, and neither should you!

Let’s #TakeBackOurPride



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