The Economic Impact on Global Allies Amidst Currency Concerns

Written by on November 28, 2023

The Economic Impact on Global Allies Amidst Currency Concerns

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Looking for The $$

Looking for The $$

The Economic Impact on Global Allies Amidst Currency Concerns

In the current global landscape, there’s a pivotal yet often overlooked consideration surrounding the diminishing value of the US dollar and the ensuing potential consequences. Particularly, nations such as Israel, whose military and foreign affairs heavily rely on financial support from the United States, may confront existential threats as the dollar weakens.

The extensive creation of trillions of dollars in the US serves not only to empower the Pentagon but also to fund various government initiatives, notably witnessed during the recent tumultuous years marked by the COVID pandemic. The repercussions of currency devaluation become palpable as nations lose the financial means to sustain elaborate campaigns of misinformation.

An insightful observation emerges, highlighting that an empire founded on deceit necessitates a continuous influx of money printing to maintain its facade. As the dollar’s value wanes, so too does the influence of what can aptly be termed the ‘Empire of Lies,’ encapsulating entities such as the US State Department and the Military Industrial Complex.

Countries like Israel, among others, heavily depend on substantial financial backing from the Western powers, a reliance primarily facilitated by the aggressive money printing practices in the USA. Without this financial support, nations like Ukraine, previously aligned with Western powers, face an uncertain future as global financial interests undergo a notable shift.

The escalating debt of the United States, reaching an alarming figure of nearly $44 trillion, and the burgeoning unfunded liabilities at an astronomical $212 trillion, provoke legitimate concerns regarding fiscal responsibility. The nation’s expenditure, notably concentrated on pillars such as disease (Medicare and Medicaid spending), debt (Social Security costs), and death (defense and war operations), reflects a myopic pursuit of financial gain at the expense of long-term national prosperity.

In summary, the impending collapse may usher in a challenging period for nations tethered to the dollar, including Israel and Argentina. This potential upheaval entails a sudden loss of vital support, particularly for Israel, encompassing the backing of the US military whose operational capability is intricately linked to financial sustenance. The present moment calls for meticulous planning as the world braces for the prospect of unprecedented human suffering on a global scale.









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