The ESG Hate Factory

Written by on April 12, 2022

The ESG Hate Factory

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist

The ESG Hate Factory

“Perhaps the real enemy is ESG … I think that ESG is just a hate factory… When you think ESG, you should be thinking CCP.”

  • The above quote came from Peter Thiel at last week’s Bitcoin 2022 conference.
  • Thiel co-founded Paypal, invested in tech companies like Facebook, oh… and he’s a major Trump supporter.

But this article isn’t about Thiel. He’s just the catalyst for a conversation we need to have about ESG…

What is ESG: It stands for Environmental Social Governance. It’s basically a social credit score for businesses that rates how “responsible” they are in the three categories above.

  • But there is no central regulating body that calculates ESG scores. It’s up to investment firms [we’ll get to that later] to come up with the score.

Why ESG is evil: The main problem is that the “correct” positions that companies need to take are almost always left-wing.

  • You may not realize it, but almost every major corporation from Disney to BP to Bank of America plays the ESG game.

Some examples of how ESG works in practice. In order to raise their ESG score:

  • BP might commit to investing less in oil and more in solar
  • Disney might donate money to LGBTQ+ organizations
  • Bank of America may commit to creating a ‘Diversity Equity & Inclusion team

It gets worse: The globalists who use ESG to push left-wing causes are using your money to do it. We’ll use BlackRock as our example, because they’re the biggest Asset Manager in the world, managing over $9 trillion dollars:

  • You have a 401k through your job.
  • Your job hires Blackrock to manage your 401k.
  • BlackRock is supposed to invest the money you put into your 401k so that it gives you a bigger return over time.
  • Because BlackRock manages so much money, they are now the top shareholder in many of the biggest American companies – even though it’s not BlackRock’s money… it’s yours.
  • But BlackRock uses the influence from your money to demand that these companies adopt left-wing causes.

As Daily Wire’s Georgia Howe says: “This is all happening outside of the democratic process. But because they’re voting in place of investors, it puts companies in a position where they have to do what these firms say.”

The worst part is: BlackRock’s job is supposed to give you the biggest return on your investment. But when they demand BP stop investing in oil, that hurts your return. When Disney supports radical gender ideology, their stock goes down and that hurts your return. So you end up with less money in your retirement because global elites are abusing the power you’ve given them.

[Source: Daily Wire, Bitcoin 2022, Waking Up Right]

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