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There’s so much information being fed to us about the conflict between Ukraine and Russia; it’s like trying to drink water out of a fire hose. So I want to start the week by taking a step back and looking at the history between these two countries that led us to this point today.

🗓️ Back in 1922 both Russia and Ukraine were founding members of the Soviet Union.

🗓️ 1949, Western allies formed the NATO alliance to provide collective security against the Soviet Union.

🗓️ 1991: The Soviet Union collapsed and is officially disbanded via a treaty. Ukraine becomes an independent country.

According to documents declassified in 2017, the deal essentially was that the Soviets would allow German unification with the written “ironclad guarantees”, that NATO would not expand “one inch eastward”, in the words of James Baker, who was George Bush’s Secretary of State at the time.

Despite this agreement, by the late ’90s, Bill Clinton took advantage of a weakened Russia and began the process to add Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania Croatia, Montenegro, and North Macedonia to NATO.

🗓️ 2008: NATO gave Ukraine a wink and a nod that it would one day join the alliance too.

By this point, Putin had taken power in Russia. He was vehemently opposed to further expansion east, especially to Ukraine – which is right on the Russian border.

British politician Nigel Farage put it this way: “Russia because of its history – Napolean, Hitler, these invasions, tens of millions of lives list – they are genuinely frightened by the prospect of the west moving towards the east.”

🗓️ 2010: Viktor Yanukovich, a pro-Russian candidate was elected President of Ukraine. He suspended trade with the European Union and built ties with Russia.

🗓️ 2014: Violence broke out in Kyiv in protest of the pro-Russian PM. They ultimately forced him to flee to Russia. Not long after this happened, Putin seized Crimea.

🗓️ Fast forward a few years to 2021: The current president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with new U.S. President Joe Biden and pressed him to allow Ukraine to join NATO.

In response, Putin began steadily building up Russian troops on Ukraine’s border. Which led us to where we find ourselves today.

[Source: SheerPost, NY Times, WSJ, Waking Up Right]

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