The January 6 committee is a Sham

Written by on January 8, 2022

The January 6 committee is a Sham

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✅ CDC Director Rochelle Walensky stated on Wednesday that the agency won’t change the definition of “fully vaccinated” to include a Covid-19 booster shot – once again ‘clarifying’ for comments made by Dr. Anthony Fauci, who suggested on Tuesday the language was being replaced. [Zero Hedge]

💰 Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress passed a new rule that requires payment companies and cash applications such as Venmo and PayPal to report $600 or more of payments to the Internal Revenue Services. [Just the News]

😷 A statewide California mask mandate requiring most people to wear face masks in indoor public places has been extended and will now last through Feb. 15. [The Blaze]

🎾 Novak Djokovic’s chance to play for a 10th Australian Open title was thrown into limbo early Thursday when the country denied him entry and canceled his visa because he’s unvaccinated. [ESPN]

🆘 A leaked executive order draft shows that Joe Biden is planning to allow any prisoner to be housed with the gender that they self-identify with, rather than their biological sex. Male rapists, child molesters, and other sexual criminals will be allowed to live in women’s prisons, regardless of whether they still possess functional male genitalia. [The Federalist]

🤡 House Democrats introduced a bill to erect a permanent “Attack On The Capitol” exhibit on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol. The bill is co-sponsored by nearly 20 Democrats and would create an exhibit that depicts the attack on the Capitol that occurred on January 6, 2021. [National Pulse]


🤡 Democratic congressman Eric Swalwell appears to be following in the footsteps of fellow liberal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by taking a trip to mask-and mandate-free Florida – just days after lashing out at Republicans for ‘prolonging’ the coronavirus pandemic. [Daily Mail]

👾 Multiple cases of “flurona,” or COVID-19 and an influenza infection simultaneously, have been detected in the United States as the nation sees a resurgence of the flu amid record COVID-19 cases. [Fox News]

🎥 Uh oh… Amazon’s gender recognition software identified Michelle Obama as a male.

(Video Located on the Website)

🎥 Aaron Rodgers slammed a reporter who vowed to never vote for him for MVP. Rodgers claims it’s because he’s unvaccinated.

Aaron Rodgers slams a woke MVP voter who called him “the biggest jerk in the league” and said he shouldn’t be MVP.

📰 Mollie Hemingway at The Federalist wrote a fantastic article about The Sham January 6 committee: Pelosi Owns The J6 Commission, And That’s Why It Failed

🎥 Senator Ted Cruz called January 6 an anniversary of a “violent terrorist attack “…

🎥 Here are the top 10 hottest housing markets of 2022… What does this have to do with Republican politics? Look at all the cities on the list. Notice anything?

Jacksonville, Raleigh, San Antonio and Charlotte fill out the list of the top five hottest markets for 2022, each buoyed by a combination of strong forecasted home value growth, strong economic fundamentals including high job growth, fast-moving inventory and plentiful likely buyers.

The coolest markets of the year are expected to be New York, Milwaukee, San Francisco, Chicago, and San Jose – each characterized by relatively fewer new jobs and less favorable demographic trends than other large markets, though still all expected to fare just fine on their own next year.


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