The MAGA Congress

Written by on January 9, 2023

The MAGA Congress

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The MAGA Congress


After four days and fourteen failed attempts, Kevin McCarthy finally became Speaker of the House late Jan 6th/7th night. But the concessions he made in order to secure the vote of the 20 conservative hold-outs ensured the 118th Congress will be:


But first, let’s talk about the high drama leading up to the vote… After the 14th failed vote, and just one vote shy, McCarthy walked up to Reps Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert on the House floor and pleaded with them for their vote.


As McCarthy walked away, Alabama Rep. Mike Rogers lunged at Rep. Gaetz yelling “you’re finished” before being restrained by his colleagues.

Mike Rogers Lunges At Matt Gaetz During House Speaker Voting, Other Members Forced To Intervene


Trump swoops in: In the meantime, as this chaos is going down, former President Trump was literally calling into the House floor, working to secure the final votes for McCarthy.

And then…

McCarthy finds the votes: During the 15th attempt, well after midnight on Friday, Jan 6th, Rep. McCarthy won the Speaker’s gavel with a final tally of:

216 for Rep. Kevin McCarthy

212 for Democrat Rep. Hakeem Jeffries

6 votes of “present”


What did McCarthy agree to?

In order to secure the votes, McCarthy had to make significant concessions to the 20 conservative holdouts.

The new rules package includes:

Firing McCarthy: Any member can introduce a ‘motion to vacate’ the Speakers’ chair – a vote to remove McCarthy if he gets out of line.

Positions of power: 3 members of the Freedom Caucus will be put on the House Rules and Appropriations Committees, two powerful committees that dictate how the House does business.

Ending all Covid mandates and prohibiting further funding.

Fiscal responsibility: Committing to a balanced budget within 10 years and forbids raising the debt ceiling. Our current debt ceiling is $31.4 trillion, which we’ll reach in the coming months.

Overhauls unfair bill passage procedures by requiring at least 72 hours for House members to read a bill before voting on it + mandating single-subject bills, so you don’t have voting laws hidden in a defense bill.

A vote on term limits for members of Congress.

Formation of a Church-style commission to investigate the weaponizing of the Department of Justice against the American people.

History break: The Church Committee was a U.S. Senate committee in 1975 that investigated abuses by the CIA, NSA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies. The committee’s investigations revealed illegal activities by the agencies, including assassination plots and spying on American citizens.


Rep. Matt Gaetz, originally one of McCarthy’s most vocal opponents said:

“I feel like the American people won. I feel that the House of Representatives will be a healthier institution.”


What happens next? The House will vote on the new rules package. There are some grumblings from moderate republicans that they might not vote for it, so we’ll keep the champagne on ice until then.

Shout out to the 20: Everyone should be very proud of the 20 conservatives who held out for 4 days and secured major concessions and guarantees from McCarthy before giving him their votes. Because of their heroism, the 118th congress will be the most America-first in our lifetime… the MAGA Congress.

Now, do we trust McCarthy? Maybe, but the rules package he agreed to gives power to conservatives we do trust to hold him in check. With that said, I hope he proves us wrong and turns out to be a great Speaker.

[Source: Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, Daily Wire, Axios]

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