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In the days following the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, local authorities offered conflicting and ever-changing accounts of what happened inside the school once police arrived and why it took over an hour to act.

The true timeline: The Texas Department of Public Safety stepped in on Friday to examine the video footage and 911 call records to give the families and the American people a clear timeline of what happened. Here’s what that looks like:

◼️ 11:27 AM: A teacher props open the side door, which is later used by the gunman.

◼️ 11:28 PM: The gunman crashes into a ditch. When two men from a nearby funeral home come to help, he shoots at them. They escape without being shot. Around this time the teacher goes back inside to call 911 without closing the side door.

◼️ 11:29 PM: The first 911 call is made.

◼️ 11:31 AM: Police arrive but the gunman is hiding so they drive past him. This is when he begins firing at the school.

◼️ 11:33 AM: The gunman enters through the propped open side door and begins firing over 100 rounds into two adjoining classrooms [rooms 111 and 112].

◼️ 11:35 AM: Seven local police officers enter the school and exchange 16 rounds with the shooter from outside the classroom.

◼️ 12:03 PM: A female student calls 911 from inside room 112. By now, nearly 20 officers are in the school. Police have been there for 18 minutes at this point.

◼️ 12:15 PM: U.S. Border Patrol arrives to assist.

◼️ 12:16 PM: Female student in room 112 calls 911 again and says eight to nine students are alive.

◼️ 12:19 PM: Another female student from inside room 111 calls 911 for help.

Local police contend that by now, they are stuck outside the classroom because they don’t have a key to enter…

◼️ 12:36 PM: Another child calls 911 and stays on the phone with dispatchers. She repeatedly begs dispatch to “please send the police now.”. Police have been outside the classroom for nearly an hour.

◼️ 12:50 PM: The Border Patrol unit got keys for the classroom from a janitor, entered, and killed the gunman.

Why did it take so long? Protocol dictates that when students’ lives are in danger, police must engage the shooter directly, rather than treating it as a hostage situation.
But contrary to protocol, the school district police chief told police on the scene not to enter the class and to treat it as a “barricaded subject situation.”
Steven McCraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety told the press the police chief “made the wrong decision.”
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he was “livid” that he was “misled” by local police about the timeline of what happened in the initial days after the massacre.

The Department of Justice has announced it is conducting a review of the law enforcement response to the shooting.

[Source: AP News, CBS News]

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