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The Twitter Files Part 6 revealed that the FBI was in “constant and pervasive” contact with Twitter officials to censor content and pressured the company to find evidence of foreign influence on the platform.

Back up: Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, he has opened the company’s books and allowed independent journalists to reveal information about how the company:

censored the Hunter Biden laptop story

worked with the Biden campaign to censor political opponents

engaged in shadowbanning, which it previously denied

banned President Trump despite him not violating company policies

These Twitter Files came in two separate reports from independent journalist Matt Taibbi.

Let’s take them one at a time…

1️⃣ Constant and pervasive contact with Twitter: The first report details how between January 2020 and November 2022, there were 150 e-mails between the FBI and Twitter’s former Chief of Trust and Safety, Yoel Roth. Taibbi writes:

“A surprisingly high number [of] requests by the FBI for Twitter to take action on election misinformation, even involving joke tweets from low-follower accounts.”
DHS, FBI, CISA, and several other government agencies were “regularly sending social media content to Twitter through multiple entry points, pre-flagged for moderation.”

2️⃣ FBI pressures Twitter to corroborate foreign influence narrative:

The second report details how the FBI aggressively pressured Twitter to find evidence of foreign influence on the platform, clearly trying to corroborate their never-ending Trump/Russia narrative.

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan was the bureau’s lead point of contact here. Chan was the same agent who initially indicated that the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation.

In July 2020, the FBI was angry after Twitter told the federal government that it had not observed foreign interference.

Taibbi writes that the FBI “demanded to know how Twitter came to its unpopular conclusion.”

Even Roth, who the Twitter Files has revealed to be a far-left activist, was disturbed by the FBI’s demand for answers. He wrote in an internal e-mail that he was “not comfortable with the Bureau demanding written answers.”

I know this is a lot to digest, but I need you to stick with me for one more area of this story…

3️⃣ How the FBI used the Russia hoax as a pretext to engage in online censorship: Taibbi explains how after the 2016 election, the FBI created a social media-focused task force, known as the FTIF, with over 80 agents that were “regularly sending social media content to Twitter through multiple entry points, pre-flagged for moderation.”

Taibbi makes a perfect comparison:

“The ubiquity of the 2016 Russian interference story as stated pretext for building out the censorship machine can’t be overstated. It’s analogous to how 9/11 inspired the expansion of the security state.”

[Source: Matt Taibbi thread on twitter]

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