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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a surprise visit to Washington D.C. to meet with Joe Biden and members of Congress – an effort to lobby for more U.S. taxpayer money and help rally support for the $1.7 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill.

Back up: Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the U.S. has already provided Ukraine with $68 billion in military and economic aid. And Congress is allocating another $45 billion in the omnibus bill mentioned above. That brings the total to over $110 billion dollars.

For perspective on how much that number is:

It’s nearly twice Russia’s entire military budget for 2022 [roughly $60 billion]

It’s about 1/7 of the total U.S. defense budget [roughly $740 billion in 2022]

Back to the dog and pony show:

Zelenskyy showed up to D.C. wearing his green fatigues, presented Biden with a medal on behalf of Ukrainian soldiers, and called American aid an “investment” in Democracy.

In turn, Biden announced that he would immediately be authorizing another $1.85 billion in aid to Ukraine.

Patriot missiles: Biden also announced that the U.S. would be providing Ukraine with the Patriot missile defense system, the most advanced ground-to-air defense system in our arsenal.

Earlier in 2022, the Pentagon said: “There’s no discussion about putting a Patriot battery in Ukraine. In order to do that you have to put U.S. troops with it to operate it.”

Does that mean Joe Biden is putting American troops in Ukraine?

That would mean America is in a kinetic war with Russia.

Has Joe Biden made the case to the American people that we should go to war with Russia? has he asked Congress to approve a declaration of war?


Off to Congress:

The next stop on the Zelenskyy American media tour was on Capitol Hill where the Ukrainian President addressed a joint session of Congress, which fawned over him and gave him repeated standing ovations as he lobbies for more American tax dollars.

Zelenskyy told Congress: “Your money is not charity. It’s an investment in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way.”
Rep. Thomas Massie responded, saying: “It is not charity. Charity would be given freely. The American taxpayers have been conscripted into making welfare payments to this foreign government.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert summed up the situation well in a video posted to Instagram:

“Here’s what was clear from tonight. The people of Ukraine are suffering. The war is deadly and horrific and the carnage has not stopped. Sadly, what I did not hear tonight was a clear explanation of where the first $50 billion dollars we sent to support their efforts went. Until Congress receives a full audit on where our money has already gone, I will not support sending additional money to this war. President Zelenskyy is working to protect his county’s border and his people. I get it. I really just wish our commander-in-chief would do the same right here at home.”

[Source: Breitbart]

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