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If Republicans Win

Thank The Election Integrity Movement


When you cast your 2022 midterm election ballot, you can feel secure in knowing that unlike the 2020 election – your vote will count.


Thanks to two tireless years of advocacy and action by citizen activists, lawmakers, and legal groups – your vote is much more secure today than it was two years ago.


Here’s how:


1. Banning Zuck-bucks: In 2020 we saw the private take-over of government election offices. Most notably, Mark Zuckerberg gave $419 million to Democrat advocacy groups, who then dished that money out to local districts in mostly Democrat districts.


New laws now ban this in 23 states:


Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Democrat governors vetoed bans in Louisiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.


2. Georgia, a key swing state, passed a solid set of laws to strengthen election integrity [Remember, Joe Biden called it “Jim Crow 2.0]. They reformed the state’s laws related to voter ID, mail-in voting, and drop box.


3. Legal victories: Across the country, GOP groups have filed and won lawsuits against corrupt state election officials that will pay off in the 2022 midterms.


Here are a few examples:


In Michigan, the Republican National Committee (RNC) won a case against the Secretary of State after she restricted the rights of poll watchers to challenge a ballot.


In Arizona and Nevada, the RNC won lawsuits forcing the states to share the political affiliations of poll workers to make sure it was balanced between parties.


In Wisconsin, the Restoring Integrity and Trust in Elections group successfully sued the Wisconsin Elections Commission for telling election clerks to accept spoiled ballots.


In Pennsylvania, a coalition of GOP groups successfully sued the state so it can no longer accept un-dated ballots. Additionally, they cannot accept ballots received after election day.


In Deleware, the Public Interest Legal Foundation successfully proved that the state’s newly passed mail-in-ballot scheme violated the state constitution.


4. Poll watchers: The RNC is blanketing the swing-states with eyes on the ballot process.


Here’s how:


17 in-state election integrity directors hired

37 state-based election intercity counsels hired

5,000 election integrity trainings

70,000 poll watchers and workers

110,000 volunteers registered


Set up an issue reporting system where voters can reach out with election issues.


In addition to the RNC’s poll-watching efforts, Congressional Republicans on the House Administration Committee used their oversight powers to deploy dozens of trained election-day poll observers to all 50 states.


Citizen’s taking action:


The Election Integrity Network, run by election lawyer Cleta Mitchell, harnessed the grassroots anger about 2020 and built coalitions across the country to train citizens to become poll workers, putting Republicans in the room to count the ballots. Her network has trained more than 76,000 poll workers.


There’s still a lot to do on election integrity. States like Pennsylvania and Nevada, while improved, have lots of gaps that Democrats can exploit… But that’s a fight we’ll take on in the lead up to 2024.


We need your vote. Every American who is tired of inflation, tired of medical tyranny, tired of radical ideas pushed on your kids, tired of feeling unsafe in your own community – we need your vote.


[Source: This is based on an article from The Federalist]



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