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As Truth Social continues to sit at #1 in the Apple App store, President Trump finally broke his silence, sending out his first Truth since launching the app earlier this year:

…and he dropped the #COVFEFE hashtag for good measure. 😂😂

💰 Joe Biden is sending Congress a request for more security and humanitarian funding for Ukraine totaling $33 billion for the war-torn country as the conflict continues for more than two months. $20 billion dollars will be used for military assistance, $8 billion for economic assistance, and $3 billion for humanitarian aid. [OANN]

💔 A 15-year-old Chicago boy who was initially targeted by a false rumor that he was unvaccinated was bullied relentlessly until he took his own life in January. [NY Post]

💉 Moderna filed a request for emergency use authorization for its COVID-19 vaccine for use in kids between 6 months and 6 years old. [Yahoo]

🚨 A former U.S. Marine was killed while fighting alongside Ukrainian forces after the private security firm he worked for sent him to war. The family of Willy Joseph Cancel, 22, of Orange County New York, confirmed that the husband and father of a seven-month-old son had died in the Ukraine fighting Russian forces. [Daily Mail]

✅ The FCC, FTC, and DOJ were asked to block Elon Musk’s deal to acquire Twitter after claiming the transaction poses a “direct threat to American democracy and free speech”. The Commissioner responded and said they had no authority to block the purchase. [WatcherGuru/Twitter]

🤥 Twitter admitted it overstated the number of daily users on its service for three years straight, overcounting by up to 1.9 million users each quarter. The error was due to Twitter inadvertently counting multiple accounts as active when they were all tied to a single user, even if they weren’t all in use. [The Verge]

🤡 International Monetary Fund Director Kristalina Georgieva admitted during a recent panel discussion that central banks globally “printed too much money and didn’t think of unintended consequences.” [Zero Hedge] Those consequences are inflation. Which we’ve been warning about for the past year. Why does some know-nothing newsletter guy see it, but the head of the IMF doesn’t?

🎥 Watch Joe Biden’s brain malfunction on live tv… again.

Confused Biden’s brain BREAKS in middle of remarks on Russia… Wow

Seriously, is Joe Biden OK?…-wow.html


🎥 White House Chief Propagandist, Jen Psaki explains the goal of the Biden regime’s “Disinformation Board”

BREAKING: Psaki announces the goal of the Disinformation Board is to stop disinformation from traveling around the country


🎥 OMG Watch Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene dog-walk CNN’s Jim Acosta when he tries to confront her.

Jim Acosta Tries to Confront MTG – Backfires INSTANTLY

🎥 This is the Twitter executive, Vijaya Gadde, [who banned the Hunter Biden laptop story and cried when Elon Musk took over] on the Joe Rogan show back in 2019 getting OWNED by podcaster Tim Poole. For perspective, Poole is a liberal.

FLASHBACK: Twitter Exec Who Helped Ban Trump Gets Destroyed on Joe Rogan

From 2019: Tim Pool destroys Twitter lawyer Vijaya Gadde, one of the key people later involved in the decision to ban Trump and censor the Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 presidential election

🎥 This is the new Biden administration head of Ministry of Truth, Nina Jankowicz. She is in charge of what’s truth and fiction in America.

This is the new Biden administration head of Ministry of Truth, Nina Jankowicz. She is in charge of what’s truth and fiction in America. Every time you think the Biden administration can’t get more ridiculous, they do:

🎥 Discovery+ just announced a new show called “Generation Drag” which follows 5 teen drag queens to document their drag journey as they find their identities.

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