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There’s been a lot of debate about what went wrong for Republicans in the 2022 midterm elections. Was it the candidates? Was it the message? Was it Trump?


With some obvious exceptions [Dr. Oz], it was none of the above. Overall, Republicans won 4 million more votes across the country than Democrats.


But the GOP underperformed because…


While Republicans were trying to win votes, Democrats were collecting ballots. Let me explain…


A vote is what you and I traditionally think of when it comes to elections. On Election Day, you go to the polls and cast your ballot, grab an “I voted” sticker, and go about your day.


A ballot is collected through mass mail-in voting or collection drop-offs. A system that Democrats used in 2020 and perfected in 2022.


Back up: This has always been the long game for Democrats. It’s no coincidence that when they took over the House in 2018 they pushed [unsuccessfully] for mass vote-by-mail. When Covid hit, they used that fear to implement it.


The system: Since then, Democrats have perfected a system of ballot distribution, harvesting, and drop-offs. And while I would not be surprised if they were using this fraud-prone system to cast ballots for dead people and people who live out of state, what they’re doing is legal. They’re just capitalizing on low-information voters who would typically never turn out for an election.


Here’s the deal: Wonder why Joe Biden hid in his basement in 2020? Wonder why Democrats refused to debate their opponents in 2022? They didn’t have to.


If you want to win a vote, you need to connect with the voter through debates and door-knocking.


If you want to win a ballot, all you need is a strong get-out-the-vote machine to harvest those votes.


Democrats knew this and that’s where they focused their resources.


The good news is we can do this too. We just need a Republican party with the self-awareness to recognize it, and the infrastructure [money + minds] to get it done.


Until we have enough political power in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona to outlaw mass vote-by-mail and ballot harvesting, we need to play the game.


If we don’t, we’d better get used to losing.


In the coming weeks and months, we’ll dig into how we can push Republicans to do this.





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