Voter Betrayal as Speaker Mike Johnson’s Pushes Massive Foreign Aid Package Over Border Security

Written by on April 19, 2024


Voter Betrayal as Speaker Mike Johnson’s Pushes Massive Foreign Aid Package Over Border Security

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Speaker Mike Johnson prepares to backstab voters

Speaker Mike Johnson prepares to backstab voters


Voter Betrayal as Speaker Mike Johnson’s Pushes Massive Foreign Aid Package Over Border Security

Republican Speaker Mike Johnson faces mounting criticism as he prepares to advance a colossal foreign aid package, predominantly directed towards Ukraine, in a move that directly contradicts the desires of GOP constituents and hands a significant victory to Joe Biden’s administration.

Unveiled by the House Appropriations Committee in a memo, the proposed package, totaling $95 billion, allocates substantial sums to various international initiatives, including $60.84 billion for Ukraine, $26.38 billion for Israel’s defense, and $8.12 billion for bolstering Indo-Pacific security, with a notable focus on countering Chinese aggression.

While ostensibly aimed at fortifying global alliances and deterring adversaries, the move has drawn ire from Republican voters, who have long demanded a prioritization of domestic concerns, particularly border security. Johnson’s apparent reversal on this issue starkly contrasts with his earlier stance, wherein he emphasized the imperative of securing the nation’s borders before allocating funds to foreign aid endeavors.

Johnson’s decision to champion the foreign aid bill represents a continuation of a concerning pattern wherein he has disregarded the preferences of Republican constituents, opting instead to collaborate with Democrats on key legislative initiatives. From supporting FISA re-authorization to acquiescing to Democratic spending proposals and facilitating debt ceiling increases, Johnson’s leadership has elicited criticism for diverging from the core principles of conservative governance.

Echoing widespread sentiment among Republican circles, Senator Rand Paul voiced skepticism over Johnson’s leadership, drawing parallels between Johnson’s actions and those of Democratic counterparts, thereby underscoring the erosion of ideological distinctions within congressional leadership

Senator Rand Paul sums up the situation best: “As I see it now, I’m not so sure there’s a difference between Mike Johnson being in charge and the Democrats being in charge.”

Amidst mounting discontent, constituents are urged to engage in civic action by voicing their concerns directly to Speaker Johnson’s offices, signaling a grassroots rebuke against perceived betrayals of conservative values and priorities.

The House will vote on the foreign aid bill, so let’s #GoRight and put in a call to action.
I encourage you to call Speaker Johnson and politely let him know how you feel.

☎️ D.C. office: 202-225-2777
☎️ Louisiana office: 318-840-0309

[Source: Breitbart]


The Jury

The Jury


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