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The war in Ukraine is one of the most important geopolitical issues the United States faces today, and it’s sure to be a hot 2024 election issue. So Tucker Carlson reached out to each [official and unofficial] GOP presidential hopeful to ask for their position on several key questions surrounding the conflict.

Quick reaction from Tucker: He opened the segment by remarking that some of the answers “were so thoughtful and smart they give you hope for the Republican party” and “bore no resemblance to the statements you see every day from Mitch McConnell [and other neocons].”

Participants: Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, Mike Pence, Kristo Noem, Greg Abbott, Tim Scott, and Chris Christie. Most notably, Nikki Haley did not respond.

I’ll highlight some of the top answers but link to the full sheet at the bottom,

Is opposing Russia in Ukraine a viral American national strategic interest?

Trump said: “No, but it is for Europe. But not for the United States. That is why Europe should be paying far more than we are, or equal.”

DeSantis said: “While the U.S. has many vital national interests… becoming further entangled in a territorial dispute between Ukraine and Russia is not one of them.”

Ramaswamy said: “The main thing should be the main thing: focus on China. China wants the Ukraine war to last as long as possible to deplete Western military capacity before invading Taiwan. It’s working.”

Pence said: “When the United States supports Ukraine in their fight against Putin, we follow the Reagan doctrine, and we support those who fight our enemies on their shores, so we will not have to fight them ourselves. There is no room for Putin apologists in the Republican Party.”

Noem said: “The primary external threat to the United States in Communist China” and “we’re weakening our own military by sending weapons to a corrupt country [Ukraine].”

Should the U.S. support regime change in Russia?

Trump said: “No. We should support regime change in the United States, that’s far more important. The Biden administration are the ones who got us into this mess.”

DeSantis said: “A policy of ‘regime change’ in Russia (no doubt popular among the DC foreign policy interventionists” would increase the chances of nuclear war and would likely lead to an “even more ruthless” successor.

Noem said: “Not at this time, as it could lead to an even more destabilized Europe and cause escalation up the nuclear ladder.”

What is the limit of funding you’d be willing to send to Ukraine?

DeSantis said: “He said Biden’s virtual “blank check” funding “distracts from our country’s most pressing challenges” and said the U.S. “should not provide assistance that could require the deployment of American troops.”

Trump said: “That would strongly depend on my meeting with President Putin and Russia.”

Ramaswamy said he would “limit any further funding or support to Ukraine” and Europeans “need to do more, a lot more — it’s their backyard, it’s their borders.”

Noem said: “The federal government is closing in on $200 billion in aid to Ukraine. We haven’t spent that much to protect our border in the last 5 years combined.”

Pence said: “I do not believe in sending blank checks” but added “withholding or reducing support will have consequences.”

Tucker posted each candidate’s full response on Twitter. If you’re not familiar with Twitter threads, once you click the link below, you can scroll down the list and click “show more” to see each candidate’s response.

Read the full responses from all candidates here.


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