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Is Baby Formula made in China at the same place as Cat Food?

The United States is experiencing a crisis-level shortage of baby formula, putting parents in a dire position as 40% of all stores nationwide have no supplies to sell them.

What’s causing the shortage? In 2021, the supply-chain issues that affected most U.S. products started the strain on baby formula. But the bigger blow came this past February when the FDA shut down the Abbott Nutrition Plant, one of the biggest formula producers in the United States.

The plant was shut down after two babies died from bacterial infections after being fed formula made there.

Abbott claims the plant is safe and was not the source of the bacteria.

Big picture: 3 in 4 babies in the U.S. are fed formula during the first six months of their lives.

The FDA claimed they are “doing everything in our power” to alleviate the crisis, according to a statement released yesterday. But the agency still refuses to re-open the Abbott plant and has offered no timeline.

Abbott claims that they and the FDA both tested products for bacteria and found no positive results.

The FDA detected an un-related bacteria in a non-product contact area of their facility.


What this means for you: CVS and Walgreens have implemented formula rationing policies at their stores, limiting sales to just 3 formulas per transaction. Walmart has implemented similar measures.

My take: The same baby-killing party that wants abortion-on-demand is also doing nothing about this baby formula shortage. Strange…

[Source: Daily Mail, Axios, Daily Wire, Wake Up Right]

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