What distinguishes the few Republicans willing to confront Donald Trump

Written by on May 11, 2022

What distinguishes the few Republicans willing to confront Donald Trump?

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What distinguishes the few Republicans willing to confront Donald Trump?

First, too many people jump on and off the Trump train, many people get angry they don’t get what they want or the way Trump goes about it. Personally I think people need to calm down, Trump has proven time and time again although his methods are not traditional they are effective.

It is the establishment that doesn’t understand that you can’t always get what you wanted but you will get what you need.

Family ties Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, was so appalled by Donald Trump’s role in the Jan. 6 attack that he signaled to colleagues shortly afterward that he was open to convicting Trump in an impeachment trial – and barring him from holding office again. A month later, however, McConnell voted to acquit him.

Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader in the House, told colleagues in the days after Jan. 6 that he was going to call Trump and urge him to resign.

McCarthy soon changed his mind and instead told House members to stop criticizing Trump in public.

Many prominent Republicans have criticized Trump, sometimes in harsh terms, for fomenting violence, undermining democracy or making racist comments.

Editors note is that these accusations are put forward by the blind left the same ones that look the other way and ignore the real issues and poor running of the office of the President by Joe Biden.

Privately, these Republicans have been even harsher, saying they disdain Trump and want him gone from politics. If only the Democrats would do this for their President Biden.

They believe that doing so will jeopardize their future in the Republican Party, given Trump’s continued popularity with the party’s voters. If any indication on the amount of Trump’s picks in the primary won their primary then these “Never Trumpers” should be worrying.

“Republican lawmakers fear that confronting Trump, or even saying in public how they actually feel about him, amounts to signing their political death warrant.”

If you follow politics, you can probably tick off the most prominent names: Liz Cheney, the House member from Wyoming; Mitt Romney, a senator representing Utah; and Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland.

Larry Hogan’s father, Lawrence, was the only Republican on the House Judiciary Committee to vote for each article of impeachment against Richard Nixon.

Other than their stance on Trump, the three have many differences.

Cheney is deeply conservative on most policy questions, while Hogan is a moderate, and Romney is somewhere in between.

They have a multigenerational view of the Republican Party and American democracy.

That view has led all of them to prioritize their honest opinion about Trump over their career self-interest.

By now, this pattern is familiar. (It’s a central theme of “This Will Not Pass,” a new book about the end of Trump’s presidency, by my colleagues Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin, which broke the news of McCarthy’s comments.)

Cheney has already lost her post as a Republican House leader and faces a primary challenge from a candidate both Trump and McCarthy support.

“They also can’t understand why Republican colleagues they respect don’t share their alarm.” In an interview for Jonathan’s and Alex’s book, Cheney specifically mentions her disappointment with McConnell: “I think he’s completely misjudged the danger of this moment.”

Source: (The New York Times)

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