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What is Joe Biden hiding?

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What is Joe Biden hiding?

The Biden regime just blocked their secretive 15-page “Strategic Plan” on “Promoting Access to Voting” from being seen by the public.


Back up: On March 7, 2021, Joe Biden signed Executive Order 14019, which directed all elements of the executive branch to produce their “Strategic Plan” to increase voter registration among “black voters and other voters of color” – in other words, to turn out votes for Americans who historically lean Democrat [although we’re making inroads].


…but there was no public release of what the “Strategic Plan” actually was.


In response to the secrecy, a nonpartisan think tank called the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the Biden Department of Justice, asking for the documents that outline the “Strategic Plan.” Here’s how that went down:


A year went by and the DOJ never turned over a single document.


So FGA took the Biden DOJ to court.


The judge ordered the DOJ to turn over the documents by September 8, 2022.


When the September 8 deadline hit, the DOJ still refused to turn over the “Strategic Plan.” They replied, saying:


“[T]he Division has identified (15) pages of material representing the STRATEGIC PLAN for the Implementation of Executive Order 14019, Promoting Access to Voting. I have determined that these materials are to be withheld in full pursuant to Exemption 5 of the Freedom of Information Act, 551(b)(5), which pertains to certain inter- and intra-agency records protected by civil discovery privileges, in this instance the deliberative process and presidential communications privileges.”


Biden’s secrecy is concerning: As the CEO of FGA, Tarren Bragdon says:


“The American people deserve to know if the Biden Administration’s unprecedented action is fair and non-partisan, or if it is designed to help one political party over the other… Midterms are approaching, and the DOJ’s failure to disclose information raises troubling issues. They need to reveal these public documents to keep our elections fair.”


What is Joe Biden hiding, less than two months away from the midterm elections?


[Source: Washington Examiner]



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