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In the latest installment of Democrats playing politics with people’s lives – we have the politicization of veteran’s healthcare. Here’s how it went down…


The PACT Act [short for ‘Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act’] is a bill that would address healthcare needs and benefits for military veterans suffering from medical issues that stemmed from burn pit smoke, agent orange spraying, and other military-related chemical exposure.


The bill failed to advance in the Senate because 42 Republican Senators voted against it.


Why did the GOP vote it down?


Sen. Ted Cruz explains it simply:


“The issue here is the Democrats included in this bill an accounting gimmick where they took $400 billion dollars of discretionary spending and shifted it to mandatory spending.”


“But the reason they did that is it created a hole for $400 billion in new discretionary spending. Their objective, they want to cram $400 billion in unrelated spending onto this bill that has nothing to do with veterans.”


“Given inflation that is skyrocketing in this country, I think another $400 billion is irresponsible.”


GOP Senators have made it clear that they support every dollar that the PACT Act allocates for veterans. As long as Democrats drop the budgetary gimmick from the bill.


The faux outrage: This didn’t stop the faux outrage from Democrats, the media, and most notably Hollywood comedian Jon Stewart.


Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the opposition was “almost criminal.”


Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said the GOP had “sentenced veterans to death.”


Jon Stewart was outside Capitol Hill screaming expletives into the camera: “Ain’t this a b**ch… This is an embarrassment to the Senate, to the country, to the founders, and all that they profess to hold dear.”


The truth: GOP Senator Pat Toomey summed up the Democrats’ games perfectly during an appearance on CNN:


“This is the oldest trick in Washington. People take a sympathetic group of Americans…craft a bill to address their problems and then sneak in something completely unrelated that they know could never pass on its own and dare Republicans to do anything about it.”


What comes next? The Senate goes for a month-long summer recess. So we’ll find out soon how much Democrats really care about our vets. I hope they drop the budgetary games, because there are thousands of military veterans waiting on this bill to pass.


[Source: Washington Examiner, Axios, CNN, Senator Ted Cruz/Twitter]


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