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Tensions in the Taiwan Straight are higher than ever as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to visit Taiwan.


The trip would make her the highest-ranking U.S. official to visit the breakaway nation in 25 years… and China is not pleased.


Why is China mad?


The history is long and complicated but the SparkNotes are:


In the 17th century, China took control of Taiwan.


In 1895 they gave up control to Japan.


In 1945, China regained control after Japan lost WWII.


Civil war broke out in China between nationalists [led by Chiang Kai-shek] and communists [led by Mao Zedong].


The communists won in 1949.


The nationalists fled to Taiwan, where they have governed ever since, flourishing under democracy and capitalism.


But China has the long-stated goal of reclaiming Taiwan, by force if necessary.


What is Pelosi doing in Taiwan?


That depends on who you ask.


The WSJ points out that she has a history of promoting freedom across Asia – from unfurling a protest banner in Tiananmen Square in 1991 to visiting Tibet in 2015, which is extremely rare.


Human Events Jack Posobiec points out that Pelosi’s trip comes right after she got caught purchasing millions worth of semiconductor stock right before Congress passed a bill to subsidize semiconductor production. And the company she bought semiconductor stock in, Nvidia, is located in… Taiwan.


Here’s how I see it: Whatever Pelosi’s intentions may be, Taiwan is of major geostrategic ally for the United States.


Taiwan, along with Japan and South Korea, [all allies of ours] flank north-eastern China and give us strong military deterrence against Chinese Communist aggression.


Taiwan is also a technological powerhouse that produces the semiconductor chips that we use to power everything from our cars to our cell phones.


I’m no war-hawk. But I’m in favor of the 3rd-highest ranking American visiting Taiwan. It sends a signal that the United States will support them against an encroaching China. And it sends a signal to Beijing that the United States goes where it wants to go.


[Source: WSJ, Human Events]


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