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Fake fact-cheker’…

Try to say that five times fast.


Anytime you see a news outlet “fact check” a Republican… think about this:


Senator Ted Cruz went into the hags’ den, as a guest on the daytime TV show ‘The View.


When the hosts brought up the January 6 Capitol riot, Cruz said:


“Did I miss an entire year of Antifa riots where cities across this country were burning…?”


Those of us who don’t stream a 24/7 diet of CNN and MSNBC of course remember waking up every morning in the summer of 2020 to new footage of cities being burned and violent gang attacks on innocent people.


But Newsweek “fact checkers” saw it differently, labeling Cruz’s claim as “False”.


Here’s what they said:


First, they admitted that “more than 1,500 businesses were damaged through a combination of fires and vandalism in the days that followed [George Floyd’s] death.”


But they took issue with Cruz’s wording, saying:


“While many businesses were damaged or destroyed as a result of arson, Cruz’s characterization that ‘cities’ burned for a year is significantly stretching the truth, even if taken figuratively.”


…so they admit 1,500 businesses were damaged. But Cruz said it in a mean way, so its “false.”


Conservative reporter Chris Rufo put it perfectly:


“Remember: fact-checking is a scheme to launder left-wing messaging through a pseudo-scientific process and pressure tech firms to censor conservatives.”


[Source: Fox News]


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