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Let’s start with a hypothetical scenario:

Imagine the federal government was paying your local sandwich shop to put a huge sign in their front window promoting a vegan diet. It read “eat vegan and save the planet.”

Then you walk inside and half the menu is vegan. The sandwich shop owner insists it’s just a coincidence; that they weren’t influenced by the large payment it received from the government to put the sign on their window.
Would you believe them?

The real headline: The federal government paid hundreds of media companies to advertise the Covid-19 vaccine. At the same time, those news outlets were providing positive coverage about the same vaccines.

The Blaze news outlet sued the federal government [via a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA)] for information about its vaccine ad campaign. In response, the Department of Health and Human Services revealed that it purchased advertising from major news networks including:

ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Post, the LA Times, the Washington Post, and even Newsmax.

It also purchased ads with hundreds of local newspapers across the country.

The scandal isn’t the ads themselves. The scandal is that while virtually all of these newsrooms produced stories covering the COVID-19 vaccines, the taxpayer dollars flowing to their companies were not disclosed to audiences in news reports.

Some of these outlets told The Blaze that they didn’t feel the need to make the disclosure, because the public should trust that editorial teams operate independently from their media advertising departments. 😒

[Source: The Blaze, Waking Up Right]

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