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“Rampant [voter] fraud and abuse occurred statewide at Wisconsin’s nursing homes and other residential care facilities.”

In August 2021, the Wisconsin Assembly appointed a Special Counsel to investigate claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election.
They chose retired Wisconsin Supreme Court justice, Michael Gableman’s to lead the investigation. Earlier this week, Gableman released his findings, detailing the “rampant fraud and abuse” that he encountered.

According to the report: Nursing home staff and administrators:

illegally handled absentee ballots
illegally assisted with “marking” residents’ ballots
illegally “witnessed” the voting possibly forged the elderly residents’ signatures.
Under Wisconsin law, these all constitute fraud.

The law is clear: Section 6.875 of the Wisconsin election code gives rules for residential care facilities. It requires that local municipalities dispatch two “special voting deputies” (SVDs) to each facility.

The SVDs must personally deliver the ballots to any residents who wish to vote and witness the process. By law, only a relative or SVD can assist the voter.

One example cited in the report: ‘Resident D’ lived in a nursing facility. She presented herself to vote on election day and the election workers informed her that she had already voted. Resident D recalled that someone at her nursing home talked to her about voting, but she declined. But records show Resident D cast an absentee ballot.

This example is significant because the Special Counsel found unusually high voting rates in several facilities.

For example:

In Milwaukee County: There were 1084 registered voters in vetted nursing homes. 100% of them voted.
In Racine County: There were 348 registered voters in vetted nursing homes. 100% of them voted.
In Dane County: There were 723 registered voters in vetted nursing homes. 100% of them voted.
In Kenosha County: There were 886 registered voters in vetted nursing homes. 97% of them voted.

For reference, the average turnout in Wisconsin has historically been around 70%. [I could not find a percentage specific to nursing homes].

This investigation was limited in scope, but there are 90,000 registered voters in nursing facilities in Wisconsin. So the potential impact in a state where Biden’s margin of victory was 20,000 is considerable.

Of course, this will not change the outcome of the 2020 election.
But it’s important to continue to expose the fraud and abuse that happened in 2020. Both to validate the illegitimacy of the current president. And to raise support for stronger voter integrity laws.

[Source: The Federalist]

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