Go Right News Weekly Recap 9-18 thru 9-22 2023

Written by on September 19, 2023

Go Right News Weekly Recap 9-18 thru 9-22 2023

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist / Political Candidate

Go Right News Weekly Recap 9-18 thru 9-22 2023

Go Right News Weekly Recap 9-18 thru 9-22 2023

Go Right News Weekly Recap 9-18 thru 9-22 2023


📉 Just 26% say having kids is important to living a fulling life
📉 Just 23% say marriage is important to living a fulling life
😂 CNN hit all-time weekend ratings low of 55,000 viewers in key 25-54-year-old demo

Sources: Pew, Pew, TK, Breitbart


🗓️ First Biden impeachment inquiry hearing set for Sept. 28
🆘 Homicides are up 28% in D.C., robberies are up 67%!
🤫 On this day in 2011, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed
🇺🇦 70,000 Ukrainians have died in the war with Russia, 120,000 wounded

Sources: Newsmax, The National Pulse, History. Newsweek


🚸 There were 20,630 illegal border crossings last Fri-Sun alone
💬 Trump: ‘I like the concept’ of having a female VP
✅ 50% of independent voters support impeaching Joe Biden
⚠️ Just 52% adults value kids having manners, down from 76% in 1990.

Sources: Western Journal, Valuetainment, CBS News, CBNC


✈️ On this day Sept 18th in 1947, the U.S. Air Force was established
🤡 NATO chief: Prepare for a ‘long war in Ukraine’
🏠 Median monthly mortgage hit an all-time high: $2,632
📊 GOP primary average: 56.6% Trump, 12.7% DeSantis, 7.2% Ramaswamy

Sources: History, Breitbart, Redfin, Real Clear Politics


⬇️ Biden average approval: 41.4% approve, 54% disapprove
🗓️ On this day in 2008, Lehman Brothers collapsed
⬇️ Only 12% of Gen Z have ‘a great deal’ or ‘a lot’ of trust in Congress
📊 49% say J6 was ‘mostly peaceful, 45% call it an ‘illegal insurrection’

Sources: Real Clear Politics, History, Gallup, Rasmussen



📸 Slob Senator John Fetterman presided over the Senate wearing a short-sleeve shirt, no tie, and shorts. See it for yourself.


🤡 Joe Biden will use executive authority to create a taxpayer-funded green jobs training problem for young people after Congress shot down the idea. We don’t have a price tag, but House Democrats were seeking $132 billion in funding.


🗓️ On this day Sept 21st in 1780, Benedict Arnold conspired with the British to hand them control of West Point in exchange for money and a British army position. The plan was thwarted and Arnold’s name became synonymous with being a traitor.


👍 Hunter Biden to appear in person for his arraignment next month on felony gun charges, denying his request to appear via video.


✅ Arizona Republican Kari Lake is preparing to launch a Senate run in the early weeks of October.

Kari Lake to Launch AZ Senate Bid.

🇸🇦 Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman told Fox News that if Iran developed a nuclear weapon then his country would have to build one as well.


💰 Dr. Fauci and his wife had a combined net worth that exceeded $11 million when he departed his government post in 2022.


⏸️ Federal Reserve officials voted to hold interest rates steady at a 22-year high and revealed a divide over whether they should raise them once more this year, with most leaning toward another increase.


🪙 House Republicans have advanced a bill that would stop the Federal Reserve from issuing digital currency, sending the legislation to the House for a vote.


👿 George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and left-wing Swiss Billionaire Hansjörg Wyss are quietly backing a non-profit that acquired nearly two dozen local papers in Maine.


🥴 California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom claimed Joe Biden’s old age is a good thing as he defended the aging president against concerns from Democrats. The fumes from Gavin Newsome’s hair gel are warping his brain.

Newsom Claims Biden’s Old Age Is a Good Thing: ‘I Want a Seasoned Pro’

❎ Speaker Kevin McCarthy had to cancel a scheduled procedural vote on a temporary government funding bill because he didn’t have the votes to pass the bill.


⚠️ Three pro-lifers were convicted for protesting an abortion clinic suspected of providing illegal late-term abortions. Two of the defendants are over 70 years old.

Biden DOJ Throws Elderly Pro-Life Activists Behind Bars.

💵 Elon Musk said Monday he’s moving to require all users to pay a “small monthly payment” to use his social media site X (previously Twitter) to “combat vast armies of bots.”


🥤 Gov. Maura Healey announced that Massachusetts agencies will no longer be permitted to purchase single-use plastic bottles.


🙅‍♂️ Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a candidate many conservatives have come to like for his anti-vax policies, said he would ban fracking if elected.


👿 Billy Chemirmir, who allegedly killed almost two dozen elderly women and was already convicted for murdering two women, was found dead in a Texas prison after his cellmate had killed him.


👎 New York City officials are considering a bill that would potentially remove statues of Founding Fathers such as George Washington as well as historical figures like Christopher Columbus.

NYC Mulls Removal of George Washington Statues.

🤡 Four high school girls were beaten by a biological male for the crown of homecoming queen at Oak Park High School. Some parents expressed their disappointment at the outcome.



🤡 Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) wants to open taxpayer-funded, city-owned grocery stores in areas where businesses have pulled out due to rampant crime. Read more. There’s a word for this… Oh, right! Communism.



💊 The FDA announced that phenylephrine, a decongestant found in most cold and allergy medicines such as Sudafed PE, Allegra, and Dayquil doesn’t actually work, following a review of the latest research on the subject. Read more.



🇨🇳 China launched 103 warplanes toward Taiwan in a 24-hour period in what the island is labeling as harassment. Read more.

China flies more than 100 warplanes toward Taiwan in operation labeled harassment


💪 A recent study conducted at the University of Arkansas found that strong men are perceived as more conservative by others. Read more.



📉 Stock prices for vaccine makers tumbled Monday after Pfizer’s finance chief predicted weaker demand for Covid shots this year. Read more.



🎤 Singer Katy Perry has sold the rights to her entire music catalog to the tune of $ 225 million nearly 20 years after starting her recording career. Read more.



🔎 Sergey Brin, the co-founder of tech giant Google, finalized his divorce from wife Nicole Shanahan, amidst swirling rumors she had an affair with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Read more.



🚨 The military said it found a “debris field” in South Carolina on Monday that may be linked to a fighter jet that went missing over the weekend after its pilot ejected during a “mishap.” Read more.



✌️ GOP mega-donor and billionaire Ken Griffin, who was an early supporter of Ron DeSantis’ presidential run, now says he is “on the sidelines” after the Florida governor’s slow start to the 2024 race. Read more.

Early DeSantis Donor Backs Down, Blasts ‘Unclear’ Campaign.



✅ Three men were acquitted on all charges in connection to allegedly being involved in a plot to kidnap Michigan Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in 2020. Read more.


✅ Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been acquitted of all 16 charges against him, following an impeachment campaign leveled against him by establishment Republicans who partnered with left-wing “impeachment managers” to try and remove the pro-Trump figure. Read more.

Texas AG Ken Paxton Acquitted on ALL Impeachment Charges.

🤡 The U.S. Senate will no longer enforce a dress code, allowing Senator John Fetterman to continue wearing his hooded sweatshirt and gym shorts to work. Read more.


🤔 White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said President Joe Biden would not pardon his son, Hunter Biden if he is convicted on felony gun charges. Read more.

White House: President Biden Will Not Pardon Hunter.

📱 French regulators ordered Apple to stop selling the iPhone 12, saying it emits too much electromagnetic radiation. Read more.


💬 Former Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Biden’s border crisis: “I’ll tell you what Donald Trump is going to say in four words: ‘I told you so.'” Read more.


💉 A New York judge said that 10 employees fired by the New York City Department of Education for refusing the COVID-19 vaccine must be reinstated with back pay. Read more.


🚨 An armed man, posing as Robert F. Kennedy’s security, was arrested during a recent event in California. Given his family’s history, Kennedy acknowledges potential threats to his safety. Read more.

Armed Man Posing as US Marshal Arrested at Robert F. Kennedy Speech.

🇨🇴 Cocaine is poised to overtake oil as Colombia’s main export as soon as this year. Read more.


🆚 The Florida GOP scrapped plans to require presidential candidates to sign a loyalty oath, siding with former President Trump over Gov. DeSantis in a proxy war that tested the strength of the two rivals’ support in their home state. Read more.


🇫🇷 France’s ambassador in Niger is being held hostage at the French embassy by the military junta which has seized power in the West African nation. Read more.


🛸 A NASA probe into hundreds of UFO sightings found no evidence aliens were behind the unexplained phenomena, but the space agency also could not rule out that possibility. Read more.


🚗 The United Auto Workers union – for the first time ever – went on strike at all three Detroit car companies, after failing to clinch new labor deals with GM, Ford, and Stellantis (Jeep).


🇺🇦 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is expected to visit Washington next week to meet with Joe Biden and members of Congress. Translation: He’s coming to grift for more cash as Congress is coming up on a deadline to fund the government.


✅ The top election official in New Hampshire says he won’t invoke the 14th Amendment to block Donald Trump from the ballot.


💉 The Florida Department of Health is advising against the latest coronavirus booster shot for individuals younger than the age of 65.


🤡 Joe Biden plans to deliver a speech on what he claims are the ongoing threats to democracy later this month, with the address scheduled the day after the next Republican presidential primary debate.

Biden Plans McCain Institute Speech After Next GOP Debate.

🇷🇺 The U.S. announced new sanctions on more than 150 businesses in order to weaken Russia’s war effort. The sanctions will try to crack down on the Kremlin’s access to tech, money, and financial channels.


⛈️ Hurricane Lee was barreling toward eastern New Egland and Canada’s Atlantic coast Thursday and is expected to make landfall over the weekend. Be safe, New Englanders.


🤫 Democrats concede off-air that they believe President Joe Biden is too old to seek another term in the White House, according to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough.


🇹🇼 Taiwan’s foreign minister has rebuked Elon Musk after he described the self-ruled island as an “integral part of China.”





🎥 What a disaster… The president of Brazil looks legitimately PISSED when Joe Biden forgets to shake his hand. President of Brazil visibly PISSED when lost Biden forgets to shake hands

🎥 A Chicago neighborhood that voted 96% for Joe Biden is now demanding politicians close the border.

Neighborhood that voted 96% for Biden now begging politicians to “close border”

#GoRightNews #GoRightNewsVideos #PeterBoykin #GoRight

🎥 The Biden regime is CUTTING razor wire barriers to help illegals cross the border.

Biden Admin CUTS Razor Wire To Allow Illegals To Flood In

#GoRightNews #GoRightNewsVideos #PeterBoykin #GoRight

🎥 Trump hands out free pizza at a bar in Iowa.

Trump Hands Out Free Pizza To An Excited Crowd

#GoRightNews #GoRightNewsVideos #PeterBoykin #GoRight

🎥 LOL Trump has a funny interaction with a guy in the crowd who says “I love you!”

Trump Drops Funny Joke After Fan Says He Loves Him

#GoRightNews #GoRightNewsVideos #PeterBoykin #GoRight


A few clips from the House hearing with Biden’s corrupt AG Merrick Garland…

🎥 Matt Gaetz GRILLS Garland as only Matt Gaetz can.

Matt Gaetz to Merrick Garland: ‘On January 6th, Did You Lose Count of the Number of Federal Assets?’

#GoRightNews #GoRightNewsVideos #PeterBoykin #GoRight

🎥 Rep. Thomas Massie exposes how the Biden DOJ is targeting Elon Musk because he exposed their corruption through the Twitter Files. Rep Massie EXPOSES DOJ’s Double Standard: Investigate Musk But Not Zuckerberg?

#GoRightNews #GoRightNewsVideos #PeterBoykin #GoRight

🎥 Rep. Victoria Spartz went NUCLEAR on AG Garland over the Biden regime’s weaponization of the DOJ.

Ukrainian-born GOP Rep. goes NUCLEAR on Garland over Biden crime family

#GoRightNews #GoRightNewsVideos #PeterBoykin #GoRight

🎥 Tucker Carlson interviews Texas AG Ken Paxton after the Bush war criminals tried to have him impeached.

Ep. 25 Liberals like Karl Rove just tried to annihilate Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

#GoRightNews #GoRightNewsVideos #PeterBoykin #GoRight #TuckerOnX

🎥 Rep. Byron Donalds’ simple message for Zelensky: There’s “no money” in the House for Ukraine.
Byron Donalds message to Zelensky: “There’s no money in the House right now for Ukraine.”

🎥 Homosexual man makes the case against transgender ideology.
Homosexual Dude Makes Solid Case Against the Trans-Supremacy Agenda

🎥 Any idea what John Fetterman is saying?
John Fetterman’s Words Of Wisdom to Auto CEO’s


🎥 Biden mumbles and slurs as he addresses the United Nations.
Biden Mumbles His Way Through UN Speech

🎥 Zelensky lectures the United States on climate change while speaking at the UN.
Zelensky lectures the U.S. on climate change while speaking at the UN

🎥 Trump jams to Rich Men North of Richmond with the crowd.

🎥 Rep. Lauren Boebert offers dating advice after her recent… controversy.
Lauren Boebert Gives Dating Advice

🎥 Speaker McCarthy: I Have Questions For Zelensky.


🎥 Blatant election fraud! Video surveillance footage shows a Democrat illegally dropping stacks of absentee ballots in ballot boxes for a Democrat primary election. Election Fraud in Democrat Primary in Connecticut

🎥 In liberal cities like Seattle, women get brutally beaten so thugs can steal cigarettes.
Woman Brutally Beaten so Seattle Thugs Can Steal Cigarettes

🎥 Legendary economic Thomas Sowell issues a major warning for America.

🎥 10,000 military-aged illegal immigrant men from Africa storm a small Italian island of just 6,000. Who is funding this? 10k Military-Age Men Storm an Italian Island in a Span of 3 Days, Outnumbering the 6k Who Live There

🎥 Rep. Lauren Boebert was escorted out of a ‘Beetlejuice’ musical in Denver after complaints that she was too loud. Watch.

[Here’s her response on X] https://twitter.com/laurenboebert/status/1701737633292939484

🎥 Nancy Pelosi refuses to answer whether Kamala Harris is the best running mate for Joe Biden. Watch.


🎥 Absolutely epic! Country Singer Cody Johnson delivers a speech during a concert that will give you goosebumps! Watch.


🎥 This populist firebrand could be Argentina’s next president and save the country from socialism. Tucker Carlson sits down to interview him. Watch.


🎥 Trump tells Megyn Kelly he’d ban genital mutilation and chemical castration for children. Watch.


🎥 A creep in Spain gropes a reporter on live TV. Watch. [He was arrested]


🎥 Rep. Chip Roy rips apart a smug worm open-border advocate. Watch.


🎥 TSA agents at Miami International caught STEALING $600 from a passenger. Watch.


🎥 Worth watching in full to understand why there’s growing opposition to Speaker Kevin McCarthy. WATCH.

🎥 LOL! “Mysterious hole on the beach”… a reminder to never blindly trust the “experts.” Watch.



G20 Paves the Way for Digital IDs and Currencies and are Prompting Concerns

G20 Paves the Way for Digital IDs and Currencies and are Prompting Concerns


Big Tech CEOs Engage in Closed-Door AI Discussions with Congress

Big Tech CEOs Engage in Closed-Door AI Discussions with Congress


BIDENomics vs MAGAnomics

BIDENomics vs MAGAnomics


Hunter Biden Indicted in Federal Gun Charges

Hunter Biden Indicted in Federal Gun Charges


Donald Trump Will Not Be Going To Trial in Georgia in 2023

Donald Trump Will Not Be Going To Trial in Georgia in 2023


Joe Biden and his Soros-Funded Influence Operation TikTok Brigade


Joe Biden and his Soros-Funded Influence Operation TikTok Brigade




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