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When Democrats push for wide-open borders and massive amounts of immigration, consider the following…

Wall Street’s leading investment firm, Goldman Sachs, is encouraging Joe Biden to import millions of foreign workers in order to reduce American workers’ wages by over $100 billion per year.

The numbers: Goldman complained that Donald Trump’s cuts to migration and worker visas “has led to wage growth of 5.5% over the last year due to “the substantial gap between the number of workers and the number of jobs.”

Goldman wants Americans’ wage growth to be closer to 4%

This requires 2.5 million foreign workers

It would cut Americans’ wages by $137 billion

…they literally want to import foreign workers to drive down your income.


Why? They want to transfer wealth from working-class Americans to the wealthy investors they serve. Goldman estimates stock values would rise by $2 trillion if the Biden regime implements their policies.

Back up: In the 1990s, Congress passed a bipartisan bill that doubled the inflow of white-collar migrants to take away good-paying jobs from American workers. The added competition kept wages flat while stock values skyrocketed. The value of the NASDAQ has literally multiplied 14x since.

President Donald Trump understood that importing foreign workers hurt the American workforce. But the media called him a racist for it. The result of Trump’s policies was:

by the end of 2019 [pre-covid], real median household income grew by $4,144 (6.8%) to $65,084.

During Obama’s 8 years, the median household income rose by just $1,000.

…so next time you hear that Joe Biden is importing another million or so migrants and how compassionate he is for doing it, remember this article.

[Source: Breitbart, Wake Up Right]


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