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Monthly job growth in May underperformed economists’ expectations, but what was most worrisome was the hit that small businesses took last month…

First, let’s look at the overall job numbers:

Economists expected 328,000 new jobs to be added
The actual number was 128,000

…this is the weakest monthly jobs report since April 2020, right after the pandemic shutdowns.

When broken down by company size, small businesses lost 91,000 jobs in May, while medium and large businesses added jobs.

Small businesses
1-19 employees: -78,000
20-39 employees: -14,000
Medium business
50-499 employees: +97,000
Large business
500-999 employees: +46,000
1,000+ employees: +77,000

Small businesses have been closing shop at an accelerated pace, according to a recent survey released by Facebook:

31% of small business owners shut down in recent months
11% think they won’t last another three months

…I can’t help but wonder if these small businesses could have been kept alive if Joe Biden gave them the $40 billion dollars he sent to Ukraine last month.

[Source: CNBC, ZeroHedge, Facebook]


According to a CDC study, guns are used defensively to “protect and defend oneself, family, other people” between 500,000 and 3 million times per year.

…and if you really want to irritate a liberal, remind them the student was commissioned by Barack Obama. ‘

🎥 JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon warns of an economic hurricane heading our way.

JPMorgan CEO Americans Should Brace For An Economic Hurricane

Jamie Dimon: “that hurricane is right out there, down the road, coming our way”

🎥 Democrats are usually very sly about their true intentions. But this dummy Congressman from New York went on an unhinged rant and said it all out loud: threatening to overturn everything from the Supreme Court to the filibuster. [It gets good at 0:55]

Dem Rep Jones Threatens GOP: You Will Not Stop Us From Advancing Democrat Gun Laws

Rep Mondaire Jones: “You will not stop us from passing it in the house next week and you will not stop us. If the filibuster obstructs us, we will abolish it. If the supreme court objects, we will expand it. We will not rest until we have taken weapons of war out of circulation in our communities.”

🎥 Rep. Jim Jordan gave an epic 3-minute speech calling out Democrats [including the dummy in the previous video] for their radical attempts to subvert the Second Amendment.

Jim Jordan BLASTS Democrats Attacking The Second Amendment!

📸 BLM activists claimed police shot a black, unarmed, pregnant woman. But that’s not what bodycam footage shows… She was armed and pointed her gun at police. Scroll to the bottom for the image.

BLMers claim that police shot black, unarmed, pregnant woman five times but that’s NOT what happened…

🎥 OMG LOL… Rep Greg Stube TRIGGERED his fellow Congressmen by showing off his gun collection.

🎥 A Disney employee in Paris RUINED this couple’s wedding proposal.

🎥 Nature is wild! Watch Bison protect their dead from wolves and bears

Watch: Yellowstone wolves, bears not welcome at ‘bison funeral’

When a bison dies in Yellowstone National Park, it’s not long before the carcass attracts top predators such as wolves and grizzly bears, and much smaller scavengers.

But quite often an apparent mourning process plays out, during which all other critters wisely keep their distance.

The accompanying footage, captured last weekend by Julie Argyle Wildlife Photography, shows several wolves and two grizzly bears roaming a bison carcass perimeter closely guarded by bison.

Watch: Yellowstone wolves, bears not welcome at ‘bison funeral’


🎥 A climate extremist ran into the court at the French Open and tied herself to the net.


🎥 Move over Elizabeth Warren. AOC now claims she’s Native American.

Did AOC Just Pull An Elizabeth Warren?

AOC says Native Americans claimed her as a “relative”

AOC: “It really just clicked that this is nuts, like, the grace that they extended to say ‘no, you are a relative,’ was really formative for me.”

🎥 Harry and Megan were booed loudly as they attended their first royal event in two years.

Harry and Meghan met with loud boos in first royal event in 2 years

🎥 Trump’s economic advisor Peter Navarro was arrested by the Biden FBI for refusing to cooperate the Nancy Pelosi’s unconstitutional January 6 committee. Here’s his reaction after being arrested.

Trump Advisor Peter Navarro: “They’re not coming for me and Trump, they’re coming for you, all 74 million of you who voted for Donald John Trump.”

Trump Advisor Peter Navarro Slams FBI For Unconstitutional Arrest

🎥 ‘Gaffe-prone’ Biden ‘seething’ as his popularity sinks

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