Is the Spending Bill about to be Killed

Written by on September 15, 2021

Is the Spending Bill about to be Killed?

The National Archives website recently was busy adding trigger warnings to the Constitution… Seriously.

If you go to the digital version of the U.S. Constitution on the U.S. National Archive’s website, at the top there’s a “Harmful language alert.” See it for yourself:



Senator Joe Manchin just threw a giant wrench into his fellow Democrats’ plan to force through a massive $3.5 trillion dollar “social infrastructure” spending bill. Axios is reporting that Manchin has told the Biden administration that at most, he’d support a $1.5 trillion bill.

Why this matters: Democrats have a razor-thin advantage in the Senate. It’s literally a 50-50 split, with Kamala Harris as the tie-breaker. So if Joe Manchin votes against their bill, it’s dead.

Biden still thinks he can get Manchin on board as he told the press: “He’s always been with me. I think we can work something out. I look forward to speaking with him.”

But Manchin has been pretty consistent for the past, saying he does not think it’s wise to spend $3.5 trillion dollars to add to our ballooning debt, especially while record-setting inflation is hitting our economy. Manchin wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal calling for “a strategic pause” on the bill.

Why he opposes his own party’s bill [and why you should too]: It’s packed with social welfare and green new deal spending.

For example:
It would allocate almost half a trillion dollars to pay people who stay at home to care for a family member.
It extends the covid-era Child Tax Credit, which pays up to $300 per child per month
Creates a “civilian climate corps” to pay people to fight climate change
Environmental justice investments in clean water affordability and access, healthy ports, and climate equity
State and local tax (SALT) tax deduction relief which primarily benefits wealthy, blue states
Lawful permanent status for qualified immigrants or amnesty for illegal aliens
…disaster. Item after item of reckless spending. And this is just a small taste.

The clock is ticking for Democrats. They have until September 15 to draft the bill.


The cost of putting food on the table rose again in August. Compared to the same time last year, food prices rose 12.7% last month. It accounts for a full 1% jump in the month alone. This is the third-highest month of food inflation on record.

Here are some of the foods being hit the hardest:
🥩 Beef/veal: 59.2% increase
🥓 Pork: 34.1% increase
🍗 Chicken: 32% increase
🐠 Fish: 18% increase
🦃 Turkey: 41.4% increase
🍳 Eggs: 31.7% increase
🌽 Cooking oils: 43.5%

Perspective: Inflation continues to rise at worrisome rates but Democrats still want to force through their reckless $3.5 trillion in “social infrastructure” spending bill, which will make your cost of living even higher through increased energy prices, car prices, tax increases, and so much more.

The good news is Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin said he won’t support the $3.5 trillion in spending due to his concerns over inflation and recommended that Democrats “hit the pause button.” And if Joe Manchin votes no, then their bill is dead.

And most Americans agree with Manchin: A new poll from No Labels/HarrisX found that 60% of Americans agree with Manchin’s “strategic pause” on Democrats’ spending bills. Most surprisingly the poll found that 52% of Democrats agree with Manchin.

[Source: Axios, Breitbart, Fox News, Waking Up Right]

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