JOE BIDEN CHECKED BY A CANDY BAR as Snickers Takes a Bite Out of Presidential Claims

Written by on March 13, 2024

JOE BIDEN CHECKED BY A CANDY BAR as Snickers Takes a Bite Out of Presidential Claims

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist / Political Candidate

JOE BIDEN CHECKED BY A CANDY BAR as Snickers Takes a Bite Out of Presidential Claims

In a bizarre turn of events during Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, the President found himself fact-checked not by a reputable news outlet or a political opponent but by a candy bar. As the controversy unfolded around Biden’s claims regarding Snickers, it ignited discussions about his credibility, attention to detail, and the priorities of the left. Here’s an in-depth look at the incident and its broader implications.

If you needed more proof that Joe Biden is full of 💩, he just got fact-checked by a candy bar…

During his State of the Union, Biden claimed: “You get charged the same amount, and you got about 10 percent fewer Snickers in it.”

Snickers’ parent company, Mars, responded: “We have not reduced the size of Snickers singles or share size in the US.”

Even CNN dunked on Biden, saying he was “slandering a candy bar.”

As the Snickers incident unfolds, it serves as a quirky but telling example of the scrutiny surrounding President Biden’s statements. With viral headlines and videos shaping public discourse, the incident adds another layer to the ongoing political narrative, highlighting the challenges and controversies in the Biden administration.



#GoRight Viral Headlines

📈 19.5 million watched the Oscars, a four-year high

🗺️ Average worker lives 27 mi from work, up from 10 mi in 2019

1️⃣ Ann Arbor, Michigan ranked as city w/ best quality of life

👥 Social messaging app Telegram hit 900 million users

🚨 57% of Dems want Congress to refuse certification if Trump wins

Sources: Variety, Axios, US News & World, Financial Times, Rasmussen



#GoRight Viral News


✅ Donald Trump’s new leadership team at the RNC began pushing out dozens of officials from the Ronna McDaniel era.


👍 Former President Trump vowed to “free” Jan. 6 rioters as one of his first acts if he’s elected for a second term.


✈️ The Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into the Boeing 737 MAX blowout on an Alaska Airlines flight.


💩 Former Obama AG Loretta Lynch lobbied the Biden Department of Defense to remove a Chinese drone company from a U.S. blacklist.


🏚️ Liberal sports rag Deadspin, which smeared a 9-year-old Kansas City Chiefs fan, has cut its entire staff after being sold.


🎥 Airbnb said it’s prohibiting the use of indoor security cameras in all of its listings worldwide. Read more. WTF? They were allowed to put cameras inside their listing?


❎ Peter Navarro, a former aide to President Trump, was ordered to report to prison on March 19 for not complying with a J6 Committee subpoena.


🚔 Pittsburgh police will no longer respond to certain calls between 3 AM and 7 AM & will instead be redirecting people to a telephone unit.


🆘 A record-high 3.6% of Americans had to take an early withdrawal from their 401K due to economic hardship.


📝 The SAT, a college admissions exam that for nearly a century was taken using paper and pencil, is now officially all-digital.


🪙 Donald Trump suggested his administration would not crack down on the use of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies if he is re-elected.


🚸 Senate Dems unanimously defeated a proposal to bar illegal immigrants from being counted in the national census.


🇵🇹 Portugal’s center-right Democratic Alliance coalition claimed victory in a snap election on Sunday where the right surged.




#GoRight Viral Videos


🎥 This guy was a “criminal justice reform” activist. Now he’s arrested for murder and chopping up the body.


🎥 CNN refused to play this commercial about Laken Riley.


🎥 Illegals are asked: Trump or Biden.


📻 On this day March 12th 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivered his first “Fireside Chat” over the radio. Listen.


🎥 A Boeing 787 flight left 50 injured when it mysteriously nosedived on its way to New Zealand.


🎥 See how refugee populations have fluctuated over the last 20 years.


🎥 Illegal aliens voice their support for Joe Biden.


🎥 An altered photo of Princess Catherine with her kids is causing an uproar in the UK as health rumors swirl.


🎥 Armed citizens patrol Hartford, Connecticut, to keep the streets clean and safe.


🎥 This thing should be in a mental asylum.








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