Lori Lightfoot Calls For An Insurrection At The Supreme Court plus more GoRightNews Power News

Written by on May 10, 2022

Lori Lightfoot Calls For An Insurrection At The Supreme Court

plus more GoRightNews Power News

Shared By Peter Boykin – American Political Commentator / Citizen Journalist

Chicago’s far-left Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued what many viewed as a call to violence last night from her Twitter account. She said:

She made her “call to arms” at the same time that far-left protestors were marching on the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices.

🚚 Diesel fuel hit a record-high $5.540 per gallon

🏥 U.S. hospitals want to raise prices by up to 15% due to inflation

🚙 66% of Americans changed driving habits because of Biden’s gas crisis

🖼 Andy Warhol’s painting of Marylin Monroe sold for $195 million, highest ever for American art

Sources: AAA, WSJ, NBC News, Daily Wire


Here’s some much-needed perspective. Republicans have gained support since the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked. According to a CNN poll on voter enthusiasm for the midterms:

1️⃣ Before the leak:

Republicans: 47%

Democrats: 36%

2️⃣ After the leak:

Republicans: 56%

Democrats: 43%

So while enthusiasm has increased on both sides, GOP’s overall advantage increased from +11% to +13%. Democrats might want to think twice about making abortion the cornerstone issue of their midterm election campaigns.

🤑 Ukraine aid is moving forward in Congress without Covid aid. The $40 billion for Ukraine will get a vote in the House as soon as today. The Senate will likely follow by next week. But there’s no clear outlook for the $10 billion in Covid money that Democrats had originally tied to the foreign aid. [Politoco] DC politicians managed to increase this to $40 billion from $33 billion last week, while American citizens struggle to feed their families.


🏛 The Senate passed bipartisan legislation that would extend security protections to immediate family members of Supreme Court justices amid heightened tensions over a forthcoming abortion ruling. The bill now heads to the House. [ABC News]


🎯 Target stores, which are no stranger to political controversy, are wading in the waters yet again, collaborating with what has been described as “queer-owned” brands to assist in normalizing radical transgender ideology by selling chest binders — apparel to flatten women’s chests. [Breitbart]


✅ Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law Monday that recognizes a statewide “Victims of Communism Day” requiring Florida schools to teach students about “the evils of communism.” [Daily Caller]


🤡 New York Democrats want taxpayers to fund abortions for out-of-state women – including illegal migrants – through a proposed state program costing tens of millions of dollars per year. [NY Post]


🇯🇵 Japan said Monday it would phase out and eventually ban the import of Russian oil, reversing its earlier stance after a meeting of Group of Seven leaders. [WSJ]


📑 The American Bar Association endorsed dropping standardized tests like the LSAT from law school admissions in a newly released memo approved by the organization’s strategic review committee. [Washington Examiner]


🦴 More human remains have been found at drought-stricken Lake Mead just days after a body of a 1970’s shooting victim was discovered inside a barrel in the newly exposed bottom of the lake. [CBS News]


🎥 Left-wing protestors were asked a simple question: What is a woman?







🎥 Marxist abortionists tried to disrupt a Catholic mass in LA. The parishioners were having none of it.


Marxists try to disrupt Mass at Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels. Security, ushers and parishioners said they were not having it.


#cathedral #Catholic




🎥 Mort Block was serving in the Navy nearly 60 years ago when he met a young woman on a beach and wrote a song to remember her. His grandchild re-discovered the song and has made it a viral hit.





🎥 A Massachusetts kindergarten teacher brags about teaching 5-year-olds white privilege and mocks parents who expressed concern over the lesson.


Massachusetts kindergarten teacher brags about teaching 5 year olds white privilege and mocks parents who expressed concern over the lesson.






🎥 Here’s what it looked like when the Marxist abortionists showed up at Justice Alito’s house.





🎥 The trailer for a WOKE Star Trek reboot suggests that WW3 and a 2nd Civil War began on January 6.


Woke Star Trek Suggests WW3 & 2nd Civil War Began With January 6




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