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New York state’s un-elected governor Kathy Hochul signed a sweeping gun control bill into law that will require handgun permit applicants to submit their social media accounts to be examined by the state, among other constitutionally dubious restrictions.


Back up: This bill was passed just days after the Supreme Court struck down a century-old New York law that required concealed carry permit applicants to give “proper cause” for their request.


Big picture: New York is effectively creating a social credit system, similar to what the Chinese Communist Party uses. In China, your ability to travel, get a job, lease a car, and more are directly tied to your social credit score, which monitors what you say online along with other factors.


The details of New York’s social credit score: Applicants will be required to divulge all of the social media accounts they have had over the past three years, so the state can examine their “character and conduct.”


Additional restrictions in the law are just as questionable:


Private business owners can only carry in their store if they post a sign on their window warning potential thieves that they are armed [putting a target on themselves]


Concealed carry will be barred from places of worship. [These have been targets of mass shooters. Wouldn’t you want to allow people to be armed as a deterrence?]


It expands existing laws that ban the use of body armor vests.


This law will get challenged in the courts.


New York State Rifle and Pistol association president Tom King said:


“They didn’t just go up to the line. They trampled on the Supreme Court decision.”


Lee Zeldin, who is running against Hochul responded to the law, saying: “The losers of this process end up being law-abiding New Yorkers.”


[Source: NY Post, The Guiardian]




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