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Commentary First:

I know that some of my fellow Republicans would think this is OK due to a few people not organizing events properly, but this opens a can of worms that you might just not want opened.

First of all Drag is Free Speech, where do we stop at banning performance? What exactly is Drag? It’s not just a man or woman presenting themselves as their opposite sex, it could be a mime, a clown, a costumed performer, or even Halloween costumes. Drag can be defined as anyone pretending and performing as someone they are not.

To make things worse is many Transgender people get confused as Drag Queens, so will a law like this make Transgenders illegal?

Fyi Not All Transgenders are after your kids, nor are Drag Queens, and as a Republican we need to start understanding that We The People means everyone, equal rights means real equality, and that while Republicans complain about “cancel culture” they too with bills like this are contributing to this culture.

I know we are against “groomers”, we are against puberty blockers, child mutilation and surgeries, and other harmful things on kids but to be honest kids are not protected by generalizing whole communities or banning people.

If this is about people wearing “sexy or revealing” outfits or dancing in front of children, then what are we doing about beauty pageants, cheerleading, rap videos or pop videos with this kind of imagery, concerts with this same thing? What about Beaches? There are plenty of situations where children in public can be exposed to the same things or similar to people in drag. So I ask is this about the performance or is this about homophobia?

I lived in Tennessee with my other half of 27 years back in the late 90s and they were gay bashing in Memphis TN and we’re worse to Transgenders, and in the gay clubs we experienced racism from the LGBTQ community because we are an interracial couple. So it’s no surprise they would be the first state to do this!

Ask yourself asa Republican, is this really what we are supposed to stand for? Throwing out our Constitution and our First Amendment rights, cancelling the culture of a group of citizens in our Republic, and bringing back the ‘separate but equal” not seen since the Jim Crow dark era?

What happened to the Republican party that embraced the minority groups? That helped Black Rights, and Women’s rights? That believed in limited government, and less regulations? Or do we throw that out the window because that demographic aka identity groups is LGBTQ?

Where do we recognize that yes some people’s freedom of religion leads them to dislike or be wary of the LGBTQ citizens they share America with, but the State instilled that no singular religious group is to establish or push bills to discriminate against others?! The separation of church and state both defends a real republic for All citizens, while still ensuring our individual religious freedom.

We cannot have freedom if we allow one group to dictate what’s good for everyone else and this goes for both sides of this argument.

So I ask, if you block Drag Shows from the public entirely then what’s next? Also do you know open that can of worms to have the LGBT community now look for a public event that they too can ask to be banned? So where does this stop? or do we continue until the great experiment of America is destroyed by canceling culture from both the extreme right and extreme left?!




Tennessee is set to become the first US state to ban drag.

Tennessee lawmakers passed a bill banning drag shows in public sending the measure to the Republican Governor Bill Lee’s desk.

The law would make Tennessee the first state to ban public drag, which could also affect LGBTQ+ pride celebrations and transgender people who are in shows of any kind. There are currently 20 bills in 15 US states aimed at drag queen performances.

It’s well-documented in economic literature that discrimination against LGBTQ+ people damages their economic, physical, and mental well-being. Additionally, discriminatory bills like the one in Tennessee can lower a nation’s GDP.

In past years, bills in other states that targeted transgender people prompted strong negative reactions from business leaders, out of concern that discriminatory legislation would make it more difficult to woo clients, talent and corporate relocations.

Several of the US’ largest corporations have decried the recent legislation as an attempt to erase protections for transgender people. (It’s unclear if any companies have donated money to stop the bills).

In Tennessee’s bill, a first offense would be treated as a misdemeanor, but a second offense would be treated as a felony.

Erin Reed, a queer legislative researcher and transgender rights activist, said the language of the bill is very broad and doesn’t differentiate between trans people and drag performers. The bill says “male and female impersonators” cannot “provide entertainment that appeals to prurient interest.”

There are 20 bills in 15 states also aimed at discriminating against drag queens.

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