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A brand new peer-reviewed study determined that Ivermectin reduces the risk of dying from Covid by more than 90%.


Back up: Earlier this year the media and the mainstream medical establishment smeared the use Ivermectin to treat Covid, falsely suggesting people were taking a “horse de-wormer.” [There are human and animal versions of the antiviral]


Details: The study was conducted by Flavio Cadegiani, MD, MSc, PhD – a board certified endocrinologist – and it included more than 88,000 people in Brazil.


The study found:


Taking ivermectin as a prophylaxis [taking it regularly to prevent infection] caused a 92% reduction in Covid deaths compared to non-users.


Their hospitalization rate was reduced by 100%.

Making the case even stronger, the group in the study who took ivermectin regularly were older and had a higher prevalence of diabetes.


Peer review: Bolstering this study’s legitimacy, it was peer reviewed – a rigorous process by which scientists and medical professionals scrutinize the results of the study.


In related news: Keen observers noticed that the National Institutes of Health recently added Ivermectin to their list of “COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines” where they now say:


“Ivermectin is an antiparasitic drug that is being evaluated to treat COVID-19.”


Of course, the sudden acceptance comes after the U.S. government spent $5.3 billion dollars on Pfizer’s antiviral treatment drug, Paxlovid. I guess we had to smear the cheap, widely available antiviral drug so big pharma could make their billions first.


You can read more about the results at The Blaze.


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